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HOUSTON – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Dec. 2 2021–

Daikin North America LLC (Daikin) continued its ambitious customer-centric growth with the acquisition of Washington State companies Thermal Supply, Inc. and AirReps, LLC.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211202005753/en/

Daikin North America LLC (Daikin) continued its ambitious customer-centric growth with the acquisition of Washington State companies Thermal Supply, Inc. and AirReps, LLC. Seattle-based Thermal Supply is the largest distributor of Daikin, Goodman® and Amana® branded residential and light commercial products in the Pacific Northwest. AirReps, based in Bellevue, Wash., Is the largest and oldest representative company for high-end HVAC equipment manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest. Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) is a Fortune 1,000 company with more than 76,000 employees worldwide and is the world’s number one air conditioning company.

“We set out to work to become the clear leader in indoor air comfort solutions in North America,” said Takayuki (Taka) Inoue, executive vice president and director of sales and marketing. “We will continue our progress through strategic growth and a focused, holistic approach focused on excellence in everything from production, sustainability, innovation and quality to exceptional customer service. “

Based in Seattle, Washington, Thermal Supply is the world’s largest distributor of residential and light commercial products Daikin, Goodman®, and Amana® brand name products in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1947, Thermal Supply has sold Good man branded products since 2001 and Daikin branded products since 2014 at 24 locations in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

AirReps, based near Bellevue, Wash., Is the largest and oldest representative company for high-end HVAC equipment manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest. Primarily serving the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors, AirReps was founded in 1950 and offers sales, warranty, support and customer training services focused on Daikin VRV and applied products.

“Bringing exceptional, knowledgeable and reliable companies such as Thermal Supply and AirReps into the Daikin Group will increase our presence and services in the region, from residential to commercial projects,” said Inoue.

Jeff Drees, EVP Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket, Daikin Applied, added that creating a great customer experience is at the heart of Daikin’s strategy. “We are testing many different marketing models to ensure we are delivering the best of Daikin to our customers. It is only by putting customers first that we will build our leadership position in North America.

These acquisitions are the latest in a period of strong business growth for Daikin that began in November 2020 with the acquisition of Supply of Equipment Stevens, LLC. In January 2021, Daikin announced the acquisition of Robinson Plumbing & Heating Supply Co., Inc., and the acquisition of the largest HVAC distributor in the New York metropolitan area, ABCO HVACR Supply + Solutions.


About Daikin

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) is a Fortune 1,000 company with more than 76,000 employees worldwide and is the world’s number 1 in air conditioning. Daikin North America LLC (DNA) is a subsidiary of DIL. A member of DIL, Houston-based Goodman Global, Inc. (Goodman) is a leading manufacturer of residential and light commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning products. Good man® Brand products are primarily sold through company-managed and independent distribution networks, with more than 1,000 distribution points in total in North America. The engineering and manufacturing of DNA and Goodman are located at Daikin Texas Technology Park near Houston, Texas. For more information, visit www.northamerica-daikin.com and www.goodmanmfg.com.

Amana® is a registered trademark of Maytag Corporation or its affiliates and is used under license. All rights reserved.

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CONTACT: Wendy Hall, Director of Communications

713.263.5263 |Wendy.Hall@goodmanmfg.com Marc Bellanger, Director of Marketing Communications

713.263.5505 |Marc.Bellanger@daikincomfort.com



SOURCE: Daikin North America LLC

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EU remains on track to gradually reduce the use of climate-damaging fluorinated gases – European Environment Agency http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/12/02/eu-remains-on-track-to-gradually-reduce-the-use-of-climate-damaging-fluorinated-gases-european-environment-agency/ Thu, 02 Dec 2021 11:21:01 +0000 http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/12/02/eu-remains-on-track-to-gradually-reduce-the-use-of-climate-damaging-fluorinated-gases-european-environment-agency/

Consumption of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) by European industry continued to decline in line with EU commitments under UN agreements, according to EEA briefing “Fluorinated greenhouse gases 2021”.

The briefing provides an update on data reported by companies on the production, import, export and destruction of fluorinated greenhouse gases in the EU and the UK for the period 2007-2020. The presentation also describes the main trends in EU supply of fluorinated gases and monitors progress within the framework of the hydrofluorocarbon phase-down programs of the EU regulation on fluorinated gases and the UN Montreal Protocol and its Kigali amendment. Industry is replacing these fluorinated gases with more climate-friendly products.

Fluorinated gases contribute to climate change and composed 2.3% of total EU greenhouse gas emissions, according to the latest data from 2019. These synthetic chemicals are mainly used in refrigerators, air conditioners and heat pumps. They are considered powerful greenhouse gases and have been regulated in the EU since 2006 to reduce their use and impact on global warming.

The EEA assessment also details the different quantities of fluorinated gases supplied for various industrial applications. These are expressed both in physical quantities (in tonnes) and in “global warming quantities”, that is to say physical quantities weighted by the global warming potential of hydrofluorocarbon gases and measured in CO2-tons equivalent (CO2e).

EU contribution to the global phase-down

In 2020, the placing on the market of hydrofluorocarbons at EU level was 4% below the overall market limit set for 2020 by the quota system (2% in 2019). Companies not fully utilizing their quota have offset the few instances of quota overruns by bulk HFC importers and equipment importers. While the demand for refrigerants remains high, there has been a move towards alternatives with lower global warming potential (GWP).

Other key findings:

  • In 2020, the total supply of fluorinated gases (F gases) to the EU increased slightly after a continuous decline from 2015 to 2019. Refrigeration and air conditioning remain key applications for these gases.
  • Despite a 7% increase in hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) consumption compared to 2019, European HFC consumption in 2020 was 52% lower than the maximum imposed by the Kigali amendment of the Montreal Protocol.
  • EU remains on track with HFC phase-down phase of EU F-Gas Regulation: EU-wide HFC market entry in 2020 was 4 % below market limit.
  • As the available HFC quotas were not entirely necessary to cover demand, the reserve of eligible quota authorizations to cover imports of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment as part of the progressive reduction of HFCs continue to grow. The current size of the reserve is around seven times the amount of such equipment imported in 2020, or 111% of the EU’s maximum amount of HFCs in 2021.

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No risk of COVID-19 in air, problems with ventilation in classrooms, says Grace Grace, Queensland Minister of Education http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/12/01/no-risk-of-covid-19-in-air-problems-with-ventilation-in-classrooms-says-grace-grace-queensland-minister-of-education/ Wed, 01 Dec 2021 23:48:05 +0000 http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/12/01/no-risk-of-covid-19-in-air-problems-with-ventilation-in-classrooms-says-grace-grace-queensland-minister-of-education/

The Queensland Education Minister has said there won’t be a big problem with ventilation in classrooms when school resumes next year.

Grace Grace’s remarks come despite the installation of tens of thousands of air purifiers in classrooms by the governments of the Victorian era and New South Wales, in addition to using dioxide monitors of carbon to identify ventilation problems.

Concerns over the transmission of COVID-19 in classrooms have rekindled in an unknown time frame for when children under 12 will be eligible for the vaccine and expectations of widespread community transmission with open borders.

Schools determine ventilation plans

The Queensland government this week issued a mandate to vaccinate all staff in schools, kindergartens and daycares.

Ms Grace said guidance on ventilation strategies would be released by Dec. 17, when the state border reopens.

Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace said the issue of ventilation was taken seriously.(ABC News: Lucas Hill)

Queensland Health said that while they had established ventilation standards for hotel quarantine facilities, given their nature, “employers of other establishments, including schools and offices, should determine the plans breakdown according to national councils and their specific circumstances “.

It follows a teacher in Brisbane recording CO2 levels – a ventilation indicator – more than four times the recommended level, as revealed by ABC Radio Brisbane.

When asked if classroom ventilation was an issue that needed to be addressed, Ms Grace said she didn’t think “this is a big ventilation issue”.


We joke that it’s fine, according to an air quality expert

Atmospheric scientist Distinguished Professor Lidia Morawska said this was a problem.

“Unless we measure what the ventilation is, we don’t know what the problem is, we don’t know where the problem is,” she said.

Lidia is holding a CO2 monitor.
Lidia Morawska has urged authorities around the world to recognize the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19.(ABC News: Emma Pollard)

Professor Morawska called for CO2 monitors to be used in full classrooms, full time or on rotation, to determine risks.

Ms Grace said her department had created a task force spanning public and non-government schools to review ventilation strategies and advice from other states.

“He has received advice and we are still following the health advice of Queensland Health, Safe Work Australia, World Health Organization, Doherty Institute, QUT, and we are also in close contact with action taken in to other states and territories, “Education Minister said.

Based on that advice, Ms Grace said ventilation guidelines would be released by December 17.

Divide ventilation best practices

The Education Ministry said ventilation plans include opening windows and turning on fans, ensuring all air conditioners are serviced and maintained, and cleaning by trained personnel.

However, some fear that the government’s installation of air conditioners has seen windows closed and fans removed, which could prevent measures to improve natural air circulation.

Ms Grace said there were only 24 schools left to be “fully air conditioned” from the Cooler Cleaner Schools program which “have fresh air coming into the systems we have installed.”

But Prof Morawska said air conditioners alone do not solve ventilation problems, and without audits, just relying on air conditioning or opening windows and using fans does not prove that there is safe ventilation.

Ms Grace acknowledges that the issue has been taken seriously, but points out that “we are not like New South Wales and Victoria” with active cases in the community “so we have time to determine what exactly is needed “.

A spokesperson for Queensland Health said the department “agrees that ventilation controls may be relevant in high-risk indoor environments such as schools, residential facilities for the elderly, dormitories, correctional facilities and other places. working “.

The spokesperson said the department supported the advice of the Australian Main Committee for Health Protection (AHPPC) and Safe Work Australia regarding ventilation, but could not substitute for other prevention and control measures. .

Dr Christian Rowan
Dr Christian Rowan said parents have raised concerns about the transmission of COVID-19 in classrooms. (Provided: Twitter)

Opposition calls for clarity

LNP education spokesperson Dr Christian Rowan said parents and caregivers have expressed genuine concerns about ventilation issues in their children’s schools, but it’s been a two-month wait.

“It is the minister’s responsibility to address these concerns now and to give parents and guardians the information and reassurance they need,” he said.

“At no time before has it been more essential to provide clear and concise information than during this pandemic.”

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Heavily mutated Omicron variant puts scientist on alert

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Denver approves new ordinance for the electrification of buildings http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/12/01/denver-approves-new-ordinance-for-the-electrification-of-buildings/ Wed, 01 Dec 2021 19:29:20 +0000 http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/12/01/denver-approves-new-ordinance-for-the-electrification-of-buildings/


On November 11, Denver City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that will require reductions in energy performance and greenhouse gas emissions in existing commercial and multi-family buildings and future electrification requirements for residential buildings. existing buildings.

“This is truly a monumental step in the direction of rapidly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions,” said Katrina Managan, head of the buildings team for the Office of Climate Action. , Sustainability and Resilience (CASR) of Denver. “When we talk about bold but practical policies and actions that will have immediate and lasting benefits for residents, this is what we mean. “

Commercial and multi-family buildings in Denver account for 49% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions. Denver has pledged to reduce its emissions and achieve net zero energy use by 2040. The ordinance will significantly reduce emissions from Denver’s buildings, reducing them by about 80% by 2040.

The ordinance requires buildings over 25,000 square feet to achieve 30% energy savings by 2030. Interim targets for 2024 and 2027 are set to drive progress forward. The ordinance also requires the phased adoption of electric heating and cooling systems to replace gas systems when cost effective.

“The city really understands buildings, how they work and what really needs to happen to move towards renewable energy and electrification,” said Stephen Shepard, executive vice president of the Denver Metro Building Owners and Managers Association. “Working with the CASR buildings team on this new ordinance facilitated the establishment of a bold, flexible but achievable path towards greener buildings. “

The city plans to provide extensive compliance support to building owners and managers, including electrification incentives, additional support for buildings in underfunded communities, and an Energize Denver virtual resource center for serve as a one-stop-shop for easily understanding compliance measures. .

Based on the recommendations of Energize Denver Task Force, the ordinance is the culmination of eight months of collaboration and conversations between building owners and managers, local utility and energy providers, residents, tenants, nonprofits, worker and workforce representatives and clean energy advocates. The task force focused its work on equity to improve health outcomes, create and develop clean energy jobs, and advance climate solutions for communities most affected by climate change.

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Japanese stocks gain after 3 days of decline, Omicron worries weigh http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/12/01/japanese-stocks-gain-after-3-days-of-decline-omicron-worries-weigh/ Wed, 01 Dec 2021 02:55:00 +0000 http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/12/01/japanese-stocks-gain-after-3-days-of-decline-omicron-worries-weigh/

TOKYO, Dec. 1 (Reuters) – Japanese stocks rose on Wednesday after three consecutive sessions of strong losses, with stocks in paper and pulp, shipping and autos leading the rebound, although uncertainties about the impact of the Omicron coronavirus variant weighed on market sentiment.

The Nikkei stock average (.N225) rose 0.8% to 28,040.35 at 0153 GMT after falling 0.8% earlier in the session. The wider Topix (.TOPX) also reversed early losses to gain 0.62% to 1,940.43. The Nikkei has lost 5.7% in the last three sessions, while the Topix is ​​down 4.8%.

The market is volatile as investors react cautiously to uncertainties about the Omicron variant, said Shoichi Arisawa, managing director of the investment research department at IwaiCosmo Securities.

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“But once we know what the new Omicron variant is, investors will calm down even if it turns out to be a strong enemy,” he said.

The economically sensitive paper and pulp (.IPAPR.T) and shipping (.ISHIP.T) sectors grew the most among the 33 industrial sub-indexes on the stock market.

Robot maker Fanuc (6954.T) and air conditioner maker Daikin Industries (6367.T) contributed the most to the Nikkei’s gain, up 4.7% and 3.8%, respectively.

Automakers (.ITEQP.T) rose after data showed Japan’s industrial production rose in October for the first time in four months, as the reopening of Asian factories eased supply constraints. Read more

Toyota Motor (7203.T) gained 3.5%, while Honda Motor (7267.T) gained 2.58%. Auto parts maker Denso (6902.T) was up 2.63%.

Tech heavyweights fell, with startup investor SoftBank Group (9984.T) slipping 1.96% and medical services platform M3 (2413.T) losing 1.37%.

Seiko Epson (6724.T) gained the most on the Nikkei with a gain of 4.81%, followed by Oji Holdings (3861.T), which added 4.57%, and TOTO (5332.T), in 4.57% increase.

CyberAgent Inc (4751.T), down 3.25%, was the index’s biggest loser, followed by Z Holdings (4689.T), which slipped 3.16%, and Ajinomoto (2802 .T), down 2.32%.

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Big Y aims to improve the distribution of refrigerated groceries http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/30/big-y-aims-to-improve-the-distribution-of-refrigerated-groceries/ Tue, 30 Nov 2021 20:28:02 +0000 http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/30/big-y-aims-to-improve-the-distribution-of-refrigerated-groceries/

Photography courtesy of Big Y

Seeking to improve fleet logistics, Big Y, one of New England’s largest independent supermarket chains, has started replacing two-thirds of its 70 refrigerated trailers with a more sustainable solution. The new trailers are equipped with Carrier Transicold X4 7300 refrigeration units and the eSolutions platform for remote monitoring and control.

Big Y, based in Springfield, Mass., Has started replacing its 70 refrigerated trailers through Ryder System Inc., with Carrier Transicold of Southern New England (CTSNE), which provides refrigeration units and telematics support. .

The eSolutions platform provides continuous visibility of Big Y’s cold chain assets through a centralized data feed that shows temperatures, location and movement of trailers, the company explains. The platform also allows remote control of refrigeration units.

“We have a very strong program to monitor temperatures and perform food safety checks,” Steve Creed, vice president of logistics and distribution for Big Y, said in a statement. “The Carrier Transicold telematics system is an important contributor to this initiative. ”

In addition to monitoring trailer temperatures, the eSolutions platform provides notifications when trailers are coming and going from geo-fenced areas assigned to Big Y’s distribution center and key locations in its retail network; locate unused or underutilized trailer assets, including those deposited by Big Y’s third-party logistics provider with partner suppliers, where they may be inactive for a few days until loaded; and monitors the trailer’s precooling time to minimize fuel wastage, the company explains.

ESolutions platform further optimizes the performance of refrigeration units for energy efficiency and product protection; helps prevent emergency call situations where a refrigeration unit must be primed because it ran out of fuel; includes fuel level monitoring sensors that allow dispatchers to receive low fuel alerts via eSolutions (units can also be programmed to automatically shut down before running out of fuel); and improves refrigeration unit availability through the use of continuous analytical and diagnostic information provided on unit performance, as well as immediate alerts if a warning condition occurs on a unit in service.

Within Big Y’s vast service footprint, refrigerated trailers serve more than 70 supermarkets and 12 convenience stores across New England. The ability of the eSolutions system to improve energy efficiency is critical to Carrier’s progress in reducing the carbon footprint of its customers by more than one gigaton, while achieving carbon-neutral operations by 2030, as noted. in its ambitious environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives, says the company.

Part of Carrier Global Corporation, Carrier Transicold offers a full range of refrigerated transport equipment and services and cold chain visibility. For more than 50 years, the company has been providing customers around the world with advanced, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly container refrigeration systems and generator sets, direct-drive and diesel truck units and power generation systems. refrigeration of trailers.


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Nphet considers compulsory Covid vaccination of healthcare workers http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/30/nphet-considers-compulsory-covid-vaccination-of-healthcare-workers/ Tue, 30 Nov 2021 12:32:00 +0000 http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/30/nphet-considers-compulsory-covid-vaccination-of-healthcare-workers/

Compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 for health workers must be considered by the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet).

At its November 11 meeting, Nphet members discussed the mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers in other countries.

The meeting noted the complexities surrounding the practice.

It decided that the relevant ethical, legal and practical issues should be thoroughly examined before considering any action.

He welcomed the suggestion that the Ministry of Health prepare a factual document on the subject for consideration at a future meeting.

Currently, vaccination is voluntary, but the HSE said it has systems in place to assess the risks if a staff member is not vaccinated and to redeploy them from roles to patients.

The meeting took note of the most recent data on the measurement of social activity (SAM) which showed that workplaces accounted for the largest share of close contact after cleaning, with a gradual increase in early September.

It was noted that returning to the workplace involves a potential increase in contact, both directly – at the workplace itself – and indirectly by going to the workplace and returning with related activities. .

The meeting was informed that ventilation continues to be an important factor in mitigating the risk of far-field aerosol transmission.

However, it has been cautioned that ventilation will have minimal impact on droplet transmission or through close contact – and therefore cannot be a stand-alone measure.

He noted that as we move into winter and socialize more and more indoors, it is time to remind individuals and sectors of the importance of ventilation in private households and places. public.

Ventilation should not be viewed as a stand-alone measure, but rather as a single part of the comprehensive multi-level response required to reduce the risk of transmission, and an adjunct to the continued need to adhere to the health package. public.

The Health Protection Surveillance Center will soon release updated guidance on ventilation, taking into account new and emerging evidence. Members suggested that following the publication of this guidance, consideration should be given to how best to support and incentivize sectors to ensure that they follow good ventilation practices as part of the set of necessary public health measures.

Visit our Covid-19 vaccine dashboard for updates on the vaccination program rollout and the Ireland coronavirus case rate

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SC seeks government responses on compliance, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/30/sc-seeks-government-responses-on-compliance-energy-news-et-energyworld/ Tue, 30 Nov 2021 02:35:00 +0000 http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/30/sc-seeks-government-responses-on-compliance-energy-news-et-energyworld/
A view of the Supreme Court of India, shrouded in smog, in New Delhi. Photo PTI / Atul Yadav

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Center to answer questions related to construction activities, including the Central Vista project under its domain, in addition to asking the states of Delhi and the NCR to file their responses to show compliance with the instructions issued by the commission on air quality management to curb pollution.

The Commission for the Management of Air Quality in the NCR and Adjacent Areas said it had held meetings and adopted instructions to tackle air pollution well in advance and urged the supreme court to request a report from states on issues such as the status of fuel-powered industries. , with the exception of PNG, implementation of directive to ban diesel generator sets (DGs), impoundment of old petrol / diesel vehicles and on measures taken by states to control dust.

Observing that “the intentions (of the Air Quality Commission) are good and instructions are given but the result is nil,” a special bench led by Chief Justice NV Ramana said immediate compliance panel instructions by states was necessary and punitive. measures like imposing a fine of Rs 1,000 or ordering offenders one day in prison will not work.

Senior lawyer Vikas Singh, representing the petitioner, told the judiciary, which also includes Justices DY Chandrachud and Surya Kant, that construction activities for large projects like Central Vista are in full swing and such a project will not may not be “more important than the lives of citizens”.

Taking note of the submissions, the judiciary, in its order, said: “Tushar Mehta, the Solicitor General is invited to file a response to said communication made by Vikas Singh… and to obtain instructions on his behalf at the next due date. hearing. . ”

The judiciary also took note of the affidavit of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change and stated: “We are inclined to grant an opportunity to the government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi and the state governments. from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan to respond to the assertions made in the affidavit filed by Respondent No. 1, well before Wednesday December 1. ”

“We would like to know specifically from state governments which directives have since been respected by them and those which have not yet been respected by them, as well as the reasons for this non-compliance,” said the order.

He added: “We further call on state governments to immediately comply with said instructions and to file affidavits of compliance on this behalf well in advance of the next hearing date.”

At the start, Singh said, “Large projects are the main contributors to air pollution. Central Vista cannot be more important than the lives of the citizens of this country. This project continues unabated. Today I also checked this. When this court imposed the ban, then how is it going ”.

The solicitor general, appearing for the Center, said he would justify the post. As Singh continued to press for the alleged construction of the Central Vista project, the bench said the Center had been asked to brief.

“The question now is that we’re fighting over how to control pollution and whether it’s Central Vista or polluting industries or states… Do you think we don’t know anything? We also know. The Center files the response, the States file… Do not report certain problems which ultimately lead to a situation where the main problem is diverted, ”observed the bench.

CJI referred to AQI and said it was 419. “There is another problem with the virus, how to deal with it,” CJI added. “We can deal with the virus separately,” the court officer said.

The court pointed out the issue of the Center’s late filing of the affidavit by saying “how do you expect us to read the affidavit.” You gave the pile of documents in the morning. Do they want the judges not to read it? ”

“I’m sure it’s in a lighter vein. We worked until 2 am and submitted the affidavit,” replied the court officer.

The judiciary took note of the observations of the judicial officer on the actions taken by the pollution panel and declared that it was useless to “look repeatedly at the instructions issued by you (panel)”.

“This committee has been working since June and some of its guidelines have been followed and some of them have been partially followed … Now we are concerned about the states, we will ask the states concerned what they have to say., “It said.

“The second thing is Delhi and Delhi, in some areas Indian government is responsible and in some areas state government is responsible. “have not respected. respected,” said the bench.

Senior lawyer AM Singhvi, representing the government of Delhi, said that, as directed by the Supreme Court, he distributed the amount to workers affected by the construction ban.

The panel urged the Supreme Court to request a compliance report from Delhi and other states on polluting industries, indicating that instructions have been issued to move industries operating in NCR districts to PNG / cleaner fuels. .

“Industries that already have a gas supply, but still use other polluting fuels, have been ordered to be closely and regularly monitored to switch to cleaner gaseous fuels as soon as possible. to order the respective state governments to file their compliance reports … “the affidavit reads.

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Baar-Baarenfels Architects presents a skyscraper for Dakar http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/29/baar-baarenfels-architects-presents-a-skyscraper-for-dakar/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 12:22:01 +0000 http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/29/baar-baarenfels-architects-presents-a-skyscraper-for-dakar/

The Miami Center for Architecture & Design pays homage to the latest work of Viennese architect Johannes Baar-Baarenfels – a skyscraper in the West African megalopolis of Dakar.

Miami exhibition

Vienna, November 2021. On November 30, 2021, the “Time Space Existence Miami 2021” exhibition opens at the Miami Center for Architecture & Design (MCAD). The exhibition presents the latest works of Baar-Baarenfels Architects. The contribution of the famous Viennese architectural firm is a skyscraper in Dakar, Senegal. Adapted to the hot climate of West Africa, the supporting structure of the building is in front of the glazing. The skyscraper is located in the middle of the Dakar Peninsula, offering spectacular views of the city and the sea in almost every direction. Despite the transparency of the building and the large proportion of glass, there is a high degree of shade. “Due to the sculptural design of the building, the grid structure has different mesh sizes. The parametric design made this possible, ”explains architect Johannes Baar-Baarenfels.

The breathtaking entrance hall connects to an empty seven-story space and is designed like a hanging garden. The lower floors are for offices and the upper floors for apartments. A highlight of the building is a penthouse with a sculptural shaped flying roof. It seems to rise from the grid structure into the smooth transitions of the facade. On the roof there is also a swimming pool with palm trees.

Energetic efficiency
Thanks to a high proportion of shading, the building proves its energy efficiency. The shading parts act as thermal solar collectors. The energy generates chilled water for air conditioning via absorbers and also for heating the water. The skyscraper cools down using the activation of components in the concrete ceilings.

Baar-Baarenfels Architects
DI Johannes Baar-Baarenfels
Dr Raffaelo Dipace

Bollinger Grohmann

Building services technology:
TGA Consulting

Architect on site:
DI Urbain Diagne

Graphic design:
Alois schwaighofer

About architect Johannes Baar-Baarenfels:
Johannes Baar-Baarenfels is an Austrian architect based in Vienna. In 2020, he won the European Property Award with his “Residence for a Petroleum Engineer” project. In the same year, his project “Sofia Serdica” – three shell-shaped glass domes to preserve 2,500-year-old underground ruins in the historic center of Sofia – was the highlight of an exhibition at the Shusev Museum of Architecture. in Moscow. In 2013, Baar-Baarenfels received for its renovation of the Rasumofsky Palace in Vienna the “New and Old” category at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore. In 2010, Baar-Baarenfels was nominated at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona for the Sportalm Flagship Store in Vienna in the “Shopping” category.

More information :

Other images (Copyright: Baar-Baarenfels Architects):

Media contact:
Foggensteiner Public Relations GmbH
Mariahilfer Straße 51 / 2.Stg. / 2.Stock / Top 5
1060 Vienna
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The refrigeration system is undergoing a radical change http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/28/the-refrigeration-system-is-undergoing-a-radical-change/ Sun, 28 Nov 2021 19:23:01 +0000 http://excel-rac.co.uk/2021/11/28/the-refrigeration-system-is-undergoing-a-radical-change/

The CITEpesquero seaport of Callao in Peru, which is one of the largest maritime hubs in South America, modernized its refrigeration system by choosing a BITZER ammonia compressor pack (ACP).

CITEpesquero promotes and provides services in the fishing chain from hydrobiological resources for national and international markets.

It belongs to the Instituto Tecnológico de la Producción, which engages in scientific research and technological development for the resources of the sea and inland waters.

The Peruvian seaport is one of South America’s most important fishing and trading ports, and although it has ample cold storage capacity, an upgrade was overdue.

In fact, parts of the port’s refrigeration system were over 40 years old.

The upgrade was undertaken by BITZER Brazil and the local company Cold Import.

Forget the state of the art, this technology was almost obsolete making it difficult to supply spare parts.

The last time screw compressors were replaced was over 20 years ago.

The customer provided specific guidelines for replacing systems in public facilities, such as the need for new parts to deliver the same performance as their predecessors. They also had to be energy efficient.

Since the old system ran on ammonia, it had to be replaced with an ammonia system of the same capacity and maximum energy efficiency.

The BITZER Ammonia Compressor Pack (ACP) now cools and preserves raw materials and finished products in research areas.

This includes a prechamber with a temperature between 0 ° C and 5 ° C and a medium temperature chamber at 0 ° C with an evaporating temperature of -5 ° C plus two freezing chambers at a temperature of -25 ° C with an evaporation temperature of -36 ° C.

In addition, the ACP accommodates a freezing tunnel with a capacity of 2.5 MT at a temperature of –30 ° C with an evaporation temperature of -36 ° C.

Cold Import’s automation area has implemented a state-of-the-art monitoring system for optimal control of operating parameters, pressures and temperatures in real time online. Assembly of the ACP took about a month and commissioning was completed remotely in two weeks.
The new refrigeration system takes into account Peruvian law for the promotion of efficient use of energy, which declares the promotion of efficient use of energy as a national interest.

It ensures energy supply, protects consumers, promotes the competitiveness of the Peruvian economy and reduces the negative environmental impact of the use and consumption of energy resources.

CITEpesquero engineer Efrain Licera La Madrid said the single-stage flooded ammonia refrigeration system must comply with public policies.

“This means that all the equipment had to be replaced with assets of equal power and maximum energy efficiency,” he said.

“PCA makes maintenance schedules very manageable and electricity consumption has been reduced by up to 20%. And last but not least, there has been a significant reduction in environmental impact in accordance with the Montreal Protocol.

BITZER Brazil’s industrial sales manager Mauro Stacchini said the upgrade supports CITEpesquero and the local fishing industry.

“Our ACP contributes to the competitiveness of the fishing industry, including training sessions, technology transfer and technical assistance. And that makes the refrigeration installation absolutely safe – both legally and environmentally, ”Stacchini said.

BITZER is represented worldwide with 72 locations in 37 countries.

In 2020, BITZER had 3,800 employees.

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