Air Conditioning

Will work (in an office) for air conditioning

At first, working from home was like getting away with something. People rejoiced to attend meetings in sweatpants and squeeze a load of laundry between calls. Daily trips have decreased and flexibility has increased. No one worried about their lunch being stolen from the common refrigerator. Then, after more than …

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Tips for keeping your home cool on a budget

Do you dread the heat of summer? Relax thinking about these ingenious solutions to keep your home comfortable without freezing your bank account. Keep furniture out of the way Your air conditioning unit needs the freedom to blow air without obstruction. None of your furniture should block this air flow. …

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Air conditioning failures creating unhealthy situations

Air conditioning technicians say they were plagued by service calls during the first heat wave of the year. Sacramento, California – Many areas of the Central Valley are burning from excessive heat waves, and heating and cooling technicians say they are plagued with calls for air conditioning services. “It’s always …

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