InSource celebrates 25 years in business

From: Angel Steiner

What started as a humble family man who knew refrigeration units and how to make them, has grown into a company of nearly 300 employees that manufactures components for emergency and fire vehicles, refrigeration units and control panels for equipment, including agricultural vehicles. In 1997, Ken Manz decided to strike out in faith on his own to start a business in Paulding County, his home. Manz’s spirit of innovation and engineering paved the way for InSource. Over the past 25 years, InSource has come a long way from recycling refrigeration units – evolving manufacturing to also include electronics with integrated hardware for agricultural and other equipment, wiring harnesses for emergency vehicles as well as OEM manufactured refrigeration units.

These are some of the things I discussed with Fred Manz, Sales and Marketing Representative for Insource, during the facility tour. You could see the growth of the business as we walked through every door; Insource’s story evolves with every step of a fire door threshold. Moving from offices and storage areas, to the harness shop, then to electronics and engineering, then to refrigeration. With Fred’s enthusiasm for the work of the employees and the products they make, it was easy enough to get excited about Insource’s mission.

InSource is a fast-response manufacturing company. This means that InSource makes the smallest quantities for a faster response time for its customer. Since InSource only provides parts for a larger product, getting their part completed and shipped to their customer as quickly as possible without compromising a quality component, allows these companies to complete their product and send it to the consumer. Larger mass quantities are mailed manufactured overseas. InSource provides businesses with a resource to not only stay in the United States, but also to stay with local small businesses. On average, about 5,000 parts are produced in one working day. Insource’s products serve their customers throughout the Midwest – from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. An Insource customer specializing in agricultural equipment technology has worked with the company since 2007.

Some of the pieces of equipment used on the tour were technologically beyond my comprehension, so I was impressed and proud of what Paulding County is doing for the business region. There is a whole leadership team that oversees production across all units of Insource. Larry Manz oversees the controls and harnesses, while Fred is the supervisor for the refrigeration unit and new nylon braiding for the wire harness unit. In reality, all of Insource’s units are a team effort. Watching a harness assembly happen, it was obvious that the particular work of each person on an order is important for a good quality final product. They need to be in constant open communication, whether it’s measuring, cutting, assembling, tightening, etc. There are some must-have jobs at Insource. Each worker is important for his job.

Fred Manz, commented on the success of InSource over its 25 years of operation at the end of our tour: “This company is bigger than us. We just step back and see what God can do through us with our employees. It’s amazing to watch really.

Mark Tuesday, August 16, 2022 on your calendars, as Insource will be hosting an open day for the public on that day from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at its premises at 12124 Road 111, Paulding. Come visit the facilities, chat with the Insource team and enjoy a hot meal… all on Insource!

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