Scorching temperatures to hit the Fargo-Moorhead area

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – The summer heat has been unrelenting in June here in the Fargo-Moorhead area and some have been affected by it. A Fargo man recently suffered heatstroke while working at a local restaurant.

“It was like a wave of heat hitting my body. Then my body didn’t feel good, Scott Fry said. “Then I was very cold. So it just threw my body.

Fry said what helped him get through the ordeal was taking a cold shower and drinking water when he got home. The Mayo Clinic offers treatment plans for heatstroke on its website.

Mayo Clinic Heat Stroke Treatment Plans:

– Immerse yourself in cold water

– Use evaporative cooling techniques

– Pack yourself with ice and cooling blankets

– Give yourself medication to stop the chills

One way to beat the summer heat is to have a working air conditioning unit. We spoke with a local expert with AIRESERV about how to keep your unit running during these scorching temperatures.

“The most important thing is that the system is clean and if you want it to operate at peak efficiency, it has to be clean,” said Joe Icenhour, project manager for AIRESERV. “The vents really need to be open for the air to get out, we need to get that filter cleaned, the outdoor unit needs to be cleaned. Those are kind of the main things.

Icenhour also said that if you notice ice building up inside the device, take a break and let the ice melt.

“Because if you let it run too long and it freezes up, we can’t do anything for you until the ice is gone.” said Icenhour.

It should be over 100 degrees on Sunday.

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