Corrections: June 10, 2022 – The New York Times

An April 29 article about 16 states that sued the Postal Service for failing to properly consider clean alternatives to gas-powered mail trucks misrepresented the agency that shed light on the low gas mileage of the service’s new vehicles. postal. It was the Postal Service itself, not the Environmental Protection Agency, that found the trucks would only achieve 14.7 mpg, or 8.6 mpg using air conditioning .

A report on Wednesday about New Jersey centrists’ efforts to overturn the state’s ban on merger voting misrepresented the timing of a 1997 Supreme Court ruling on the issue. That was over 25 years ago, not nearly. It also included a paraphrase of the court’s opinion which was misrepresented as a direct quote. While the court’s opinion expressed a preference for the political stability of a two-party system, the text of the ruling referred to the “perceived benefits of a stable two-party system”.

A Thursday report about a Game 4 tie between the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning hockey teams misrepresented how long Ondrej Palat, Steven Stamkos and Nikita Kucherov have been together on the Lightning. The three have played together since the 2013-14 season, not 2015.

Errors are corrected in print whenever possible, so some errors noted here may not have appeared in all editions.

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