Ontario COVID News: Lowest number of ventilated patients since October

Ontario reported 10 net new COVID-19 deaths on Thursday as the number of patients breathing on ventilators fell to its lowest level since the month the province first instituted a mask mandate.

The Department of Health said seven of the deaths occurred within the past 30 days and three more occurred before that time.

One death involved a long-term care resident.

There have been 49 deaths in the past seven days, 342 in the past 30 days and 13,314 in total.

Hospitals reported 549 admitted patients who tested positive for COVID-19, up 27 from Wednesday but down 121 from this point last week.

Of those, 118 were in intensive care, up four from Wednesday but down one from this point last week.

Forty-four patients were breathing on a ventilator, the lowest overall population of ventilated COVID-19 patients seen in the province since October 19, 2020.

On Wednesday, Chief Medical Officer Dr Kieran Moore said the mask mandate for transit properties and hospitals would expire on June 11.

Ontario first introduced a mask mandate in indoor public spaces on October 2, 2020.

Various hospitals have said they will continue to require masks beyond that date.

UHN infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch said the public should understand that there may be a future reintroduction of mask rules if conditions worsen, particularly this fall.

“There are going to be peaks and valleys of COVID-19, we expect to see an increase in cases in the fall and winter, and you might expect the recommendations to change at that time when d ‘Other settings might ask people to put on return masks,’ he told CP24.

Ontario’s positive trend continues, according to the Science Advisory Table, citing wastewater monitoring data showing declining virus signal in all regions of the province.

Of the 907 cases confirmed Thursday by PCR tests, 87 were in unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people, 141 were in people with two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, 541 were in people with three or more doses and the vaccination status of 138 others was not known.

Provincial labs processed 9,777 test samples in the previous 24 hours, generating a positivity rate of 6.6%.

Average weekly positivity rose from 8.3% last week to 7.1% this week.

The Health Ministry says 13,556 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered on Wednesday.

Of these, 807 were first doses, 985 were second doses, 1,608 were third doses, and 10,156 were fourth doses.

The numbers used in this story can be found in the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Daily Epidemiological Summary of COVID-19. The number of cases for a city or region may differ slightly from what is reported by the province, as local units report numbers at different times.

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