Experts give advice on how to avoid heat exhaustion ahead of weekend events

HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – This weekend we are expecting lots of sunshine and record temperatures.

Channel 3 meteorologist Lorin Richardson says we expect to see temperatures climb to 90° on Saturday.

If you’re planning on spending time outdoors this weekend, there are ways to stay cool despite this spike in temperature.

Experts recommend:

· Stay hydrated even a day before the event.

· Wear light-coloured, breathable fabric.

· Wear sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day.

· Take breaks in an air-conditioned space. If air conditioning is not available, a shady spot will do.

Medical experts say that if you don’t listen to your body and take the necessary precautions, your health could be compromised.

“With temperatures above 90°, people are at higher risk of heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion is defined by symptoms of feeling weak, nauseous, light-headed or light-headed, explains Dr. Anuj Vohra, President and Medical Director of Emergency Services at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.

There are several events going on this weekend, including a National Alliance on Mental Illness march in Hartford.

Experts recommend listening to your body and staying safe when attending these events.

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