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ONALASKA, WI (WXOW) Residents of the Onalaska School District will soon have a facility needs survey.

Every few years, the district contracts with an architectural firm to study the facilities. The most recent study took place within the last year.

After reviewing the firm’s analysis, the Onalaska School Board established a Facilities Study Task Force to make recommendations that members recently submitted.

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The members of the task force wrote in their report, “the board should hold a referendum to address the facilities’ highest priority needs. The task force believes that the board should continue this work now.”

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They continued, “While we want all middle school and high school requirements to be met, we realize the community’s willingness to support both may be limited.”


“With this in mind, the task force believes that middle school, as a whole, should be treated with a higher level of priority than high school.”

Among the concerns at the college, insufficient space in the classrooms is not enough for the student population.

According to the task force’s recommendations, the building lacks windows and the school has a poor heating, ventilation and cooling system.

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The task force included in its report that the classroom and science equipment are obsolete.

Once the investigation is complete, the Board of Education will review the findings along with the task force’s recommendations to help it decide whether to hold a referendum.

You can read the full report on the Onalaska School District website at www.onalaska.k12.wi.us.

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