Now it will be even easier to travel in the summer, Amazon has introduced air conditioning jackets

The heat increases rapidly. In many states, temperatures exceeded 40 degrees. In such a situation, to get rid of the heat, people have removed the cooler-AC in the houses. But when you have to go out, you have to endure the heat. The most inconvenient concerns those who travel on foot or by bicycle. In such a situation, we are going to give you information about such a product, so that you will stay cool even in the heat. It is not a fan but a jacket. Wearing a jacket in the heat will seem a little inconvenient, but what harm if it relieves the heat. This AC jacket has been made available on Amazon India, it is claimed that it will rid you of the heat.

Air conditioning jacket: This jacket can also be comfortably worn by you. It works to protect you from direct sunlight. This cooling jacket projects air from the inside, so that sweat does not come in and also gives you coolness. There are four fans, which face forwards and backwards. This jacket rejects hot air inside the neck and also provides cold air. This jacket has a 5V USB installation. Not only that, it is a UV resistant product.

The cold air will last up to 10 hours: it has three buttons (high, medium and low). The company claims it offers cooling for up to 5 hours on high, 7 hours on medium, and 10 hours on low. In which the fans do not make much noise, like you are sitting somewhere in a quiet place, the fan sound will not come. You can also clean the fan by removing it. Athletes, construction workers, those who work in factories or warehouses will also be able to wear it easily.

The price is also quite low: This jacket battery is battery operated and can be used for a very long time after charging. In this you can see two tall fans. You can buy this AC fan jacket from Amazon India for the price of Rs 12,989.

Now this special feature will be available in vi plans 98 and 195, top it up today.

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