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Even with higher fuel prices, it’s still cheaper to run a natural gas furnace compared to an electric furnace, according to Brandon Anderson, co-owner of Jamestown Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

If a furnace runs on propane, homeowners may have to make the decision to switch to a natural gas or electric furnace. He said propane prices fluctuate much more than natural gas prices.

Anderson said if a furnace is more than 10 to 12 years old and needs repairs, homeowners might be faced with buying a new one.

“The biggest factor is if it’s broken, just in terms of efficiency in terms of gas usage and things like that, you’ll be better off with a newer oven,” he said.

He said homeowners can get a regular single-stage furnace or a two-stage furnace that will be more efficient.

“The gas consumption would go down as the efficiency gets higher, so if we just put in a regular single-stage furnace that’s 95% efficient, if you upgrade to a two-stage, you can get up to 96% at 97% efficiency,” he said.

It’s harder to get parts to fix older ovens, Anderson said. He said homeowners are installing furnaces that are 95% efficient or better.

A water boiler, fueled by natural gas, is one form of heat source for your home.

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If someone wants to get an electric furnace, one factor a homeowner needs to consider is if the house has the right electrical service to run an electric furnace, which will require a licensed electrician to come and wire the actual appliance. electric air handler, he mentioned.

Having an electric furnace would also eliminate a Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. bill as long as the homeowner doesn’t have other natural gas-powered appliances.

Anderson said gas furnaces will require a chimney and have an inductor motor and a gas valve. He said an electric furnace has a strip heater that is a coil and has fewer moving parts than a natural gas furnace.

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A small gas furnace is typically used to heat garages and workshops.

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A basic standard furnace that runs on natural gas can cost between $4,000 and $5,500, he said. He said the price varies depending on the amount of work needed to hook up the oven.

“Like the end of sheet metal. How much of this do we need to replace or repair when installing the new oven, because it’s almost impossible to remove the old oven and slide the new one in and it hooks right in,” he said. declared. “The other thing that also depends is if you have a furnace at 80% and you go to high output we have to operate, it’s basically PVC pipe on the outside for ventilation. We can’t use that metal chimney that’s there.

Anderson said homeowners should be sure to perform regular maintenance on their furnaces, including changing filters. If homeowners have a high-efficiency furnace and the vent comes out the side of the house, make sure there’s no ice blocking it, he said.

“Same with air conditioners in the summer. Make sure the filter is cleaned and the outdoor unit, the condensing unit is cleaned,” he said. “They just need to make sure they are clean and there are no obstructions around them.”

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