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Solutions in Critical Care obtains exclusive rights in the United States to offer Inovytec’s Ventway Sparrow EMS and MRI ventilators.

MAHWAH, New Jersey, April 25, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Solutions in Critical Care today announced that it has entered into a long-term agreement to market Inovytec’s Ventway Sparrow EMS and MRI ventilators. The Ventway Sparrow is a revolutionary family of transport and emergency ventilators designed to withstand the harshest conditions while providing reliable, high-performance ventilation.

“Solutions in Critical Care strives to bring innovative technology to our customers in the United States and that is exactly what we have done with the introduction of the Ventway Sparrow. At just 1 kg, it brings a level of care unprecedented in a ventilator of this size. We are looking to expand the use of ventilation for first responders and other frontline caregivers to provide a safe and efficient tool for transporting critical patients,” said Bill Carmouche , Vice President of Business Development at Solutions in Critical Care.

Design and performance

The Ventway Sparrow offers an unparalleled ventilation continuum, supporting all major ventilation modes for adult and pediatric patients (invasive and non-invasive).

Advanced Features

  • Compact and lightweight – Weighing only 1 kg, it is optimal for transporting patients, both inside and outside the hospital.

  • Oxygen independent operation – By using a turbine to draw ambient air from its surroundings, the Ventway does not rely solely on an external oxygen supply.

  • From the point of injury to the hospital – The Ventway provides an unparalleled ventilation continuum in one compact package.

  • Affordable and easy to maintain – The Ventway is economical and requires little maintenance.

Product launch

Solutions in Critical Care will be launching the Ventway Sparrow EMS Ventilator at the JEMS Conference & Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 28-30, 2022. Stop by our booth #1134 to view this exciting new product. For more information on the Ventway Sparrow, visit bit.ly/Ventway-Sparrow.

About critical care solutions

“At Solutions in Critical Care (SCC), we look forward to working with Inovytec and its team to launch the Ventway family of portable ventilators. Inovytec, founded in 2011, is an innovative medical device company developing industry-leading solutions in the field respiratory and heart failure. As a team, we will remain committed to the successful introduction, education and implementation of the Ventway Sparrow portable ventilators. Solutions in Critical Care will work with our GPO partners to add the Ventway to our national contracts. This will help our customers acquire said innovative technology. Additionally, I would like to commend Bill Carmouche for his hard work and dedication in bringing this project to fruition. Bill’s passion and insight into portable ventilation is outstanding.” , said John Marmo, CEO of Solutions in Critical Care.

“SCC has established its nationwide footprint in the United States through the network of 8 strategically located partners, has extensive ventilation experience, dedicated training and customer support capabilities, state-of-the-art distribution facilities and years of reputation in the marketplace. This partnership helps carry our shared values ​​of empowering emergency medical and hospital service professionals pursuing the best efficiency in transport and emergency ventilation care, said Mr. Udi Kantor, CEO and co-founder.

Solutions in Critical Care is a leading provider of innovative medical technologies for the healthcare community! CSC remains committed to the successful introduction, training and implementation of breakthrough technologies designed to help our customers reduce costs while improving patient care.

About Inovytec

“Inovytec operates in over 20 countries around the world and has demonstrated the differentiation of our critical medical solutions, and I am delighted to say that we have reached this significant moment by teaming up with Solution in Critical Care to introduce the Ventway Sparrow to the American market. Sparrow is not just another vent on the market, but offers real value for the range of potential users! The portable ventilator market is estimated at around $560 million and is expected to reach $900 million by 2026, with the United States accounting for the largest annual share. of our TAM. Inovytec is growing rapidly and this partnership is expected to shape the trajectory of our business in this important market for years to come. Most importantly, our shared mission is to enable people to impact the lives of others, wherever they are,” said Ms. Angela W. Rabinovich, Vice President of Business Strategy and Growth. businesses.

Inovytec’s family of innovative medical solutions address critical moments in care, from the first minutes after a medical event to patient transfers and stabilization in hospitals. Ventway is the most portable advanced ventilator system available, with specialized ventilators for hospital, military, EMS and soon home mobility environments. Luboo is a frontline airway management tool for EMS teams and first responders, which also includes neck stabilization for trauma patients. SALI creates a virtual hospital environment in the field and allows citizens to act as first responders in critical emergencies, from first aid to resuscitation with online communication to a remote medical center. The goal of each product is to strengthen the continuum of healthcare in the chain of survival and improve outcomes for routine and emergency medical events. The company was founded in 2011.

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