Do you really need to refrigerate hot sauce?

So how long does hot sauce last without refrigeration? This answer depends on the type of sauce and brand you buy. Southern Living reports that the longevity of hot sauces ranges from the fairly short six-month enjoyment window for Cholula hot sauce to the absurdly long five-year shelf life of Louisiana hot sauce. My Recipes does note, however, that there are benefits to storing your hot sauce in the refrigerator if you’re the type of person who can make a single bottle last two to five years. On the one hand, the sauce will look better because the condiment’s natural color will likely fade over time, but also because keeping most things in the refrigerator will prolong their freshness, even if they have a long shelf life in the fridge. departure. Additionally, Pepper Scale explains that if a hot sauce is oil-based rather than vinegar-based or homemade, it should be stored in the refrigerator to avoid the risk of food poisoning.

If you stick to a vinegar-based hot sauce and you’re not shy about using it, there’s no reason you should have a problem leaving your condiments in the pantry or on the the table like so many restaurants do. This avoids the unpleasant situation of pouring a cold liquid over an otherwise hot meal and, as Food Network reports, the pungent flavor of the peppers in the sauce is most potent at room temperature.

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