Thinking of buying an air conditioner? Here are our main recommendations

From what we have witnessed over the past month, we can all agree that the summer of this year too will be brutal. When the temperature crosses the threshold of 36 degrees, it’s time for you to take the plunge and finally buy an indispensable air conditioner. To help you with your decision, we have compiled a list of some budget air conditioners. Make your choice after weighing the pros and cons!

Gree GSH-12NFV410 Inverter Split Type 1 Ton Air Conditioner

Gree’s wide range of options in terms of type and budget has made it a favorite in the local electronic scene. Gree GSH-12NFV410 is quite energy efficient, saving up to 60% electricity. This air conditioner can operate at different compressor rates, making it suitable for winter heating as well. Some other important features are low voltage start, up/down switching louvers, air direction control, anti-cooling wind and multiple fan speeds. Upon purchase, Gree offers a five-year warranty and a one-year parts and service warranty.

Price: Tk. 49,000/-

Available from: Meem Electronics, Techno Electronic Limited, Crockeries Park etc.

Midea MSM-18CRN 18000 BTU 1.5 Ton Split Type AC

Midea MSM-18CRN AC is a reliable choice for your home as the brand has a good reputation for fast cooling air conditioners. The energy saving rate is 3rd stage, with an impressive output from the built-in automatic cooling and cleaning systems. This model is quite large, covering a space of 150 square feet. The purchase comes with a one-year warranty.

Price: Tk. 40,000/-

Available from: Meem Electronics, Techno Electronic Limited, etc.

General 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner ASG/AOG-12 AET/AGC

Even though this General Split AC is a bit more expensive than other products on this list, the features make up for the price range. Its Cool Jet technology quickly cools the environment, making it a fast-acting air conditioner. The three-dimensional airflow will make the environment even more comfortable, with excellent heat exchange performance to boot. Even larger area or higher temperature cannot influence the coolness. Other notable features are a large exterior fan, a bluefin condenser and a large capacity compressor.

Price: Tk. 64,000/-
Available from: Meem Electronics, BJ Electronics etc.

Walton WSN-RIVERINE-18A 1.5 Ton Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

There is always a sense of pride in buying from a local brand. Walton WSN-RIVERINE-18A is a great option in this regard. Offering maximum cooling with its Turbo mode, this air conditioner also has a great outdoor operating range, up to 43 degrees. Some of the important features are fan mode, automatic speed adjustment, timer and automatic operation. An interesting feature of this device is the remote control, which works via IR (infrared ray) and even offers a child lock function.

Price: Tk. 49,900/-

Available at: B.J Electronics, Pickaboo etc.

LG BSNQ1865NAO 1.5 Ton Split Type Air Conditioner

LG BSNQ1865NAO comes with revolutionary features from its brand, LG. This model features Inverter V technology, which ensures powerful yet quiet functionality. It also reduces energy consumption by up to 60%, bringing energy efficiency to a new level. There is also the Active Energy Control feature, which allows the user to adjust consumption levels and cooling capacity. The antibacterial air filter acts as the first line of defense, eliminating bacteria from the outside. Other standout features include the Jet Cool Fresh Dry mode that provides comfortable humidity and powerful airflow.

Price: 75,000/- (Note, LG often gives sales for this model, reducing the price to around 58,000 Tk/-)

Available at: B.J Electronics, Brand Bazaar etc.

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