EduMon launches a new indoor air quality monitoring solution for education

Promote a healthy and productive environment for students and teachers.

EduMon today announced the launch of its new indoor air quality monitoring platform, EduMon CleanAir 2.0. Designed specifically for educational institutions around the world, the CleanAir 2.0 platform now adds the ability to monitor at the classroom, school, school district, state or country level.

Poor air quality in the classroom not only affects students’ health and well-being, but also learning ability due to loss of concentration, fatigue and exhaustion .

Many schools have air conditioning units to regulate temperature and humidity; however, they recycle the same air. Air conditioning cannot reduce or monitor pollutants in the air such as CO2, PM2.5 and 10, HCHO or O3.

The increase in CO2 levels in the classroom from exhalation by students indirectly suggests the increased presence of tiny aerosols from breathing, sneezing or coughing, which carry viral diseases such as flu and COVID19.

Due to poor ventilation and an inability to replace stale air with fresh air, CO2 will rise in aerosols and droplets.

“At EduMon, we have developed an indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring platform that combines wireless, battery-powered sensors with an easy-to-use online dashboard,” said Mark Winter, CEO of Edumon. “Our CleanAir platform provides a real-time view of classroom air quality, historical air quality data, and provides custom reports based on thresholds in your country, state, schools individual or individual classrooms,” Mark said.

EduMon’s 9-in-1 sensors measure and report various ambient conditions including temperature, humidity, CO2, PIR, light, barometric pressure, HCHO, O3, PM 2.5 and PM10.

IoT sensors connect over a LoRaWAN wireless network, an ultra-low-power, long-range wireless technology designed with the IoT (Internet of Things) in mind.

“Our mission is to provide a healthy learning environment for EVERY educational institution and to promote a healthy and productive environment for your students and teachers. Order our sensors and EduMon platform now,” Mark concluded.

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