BMW’s iX Flow impresses car enthusiasts with its color-changing exterior and E Ink technology

BMW iX stream

It’s a color-changing BMW and it’s very futuristic, however, this technology isn’t just about looking cool or making a style statement; it also has some solid features. The color-changing exterior was made possible by a specially developed body wrap that precisely adapts to the different contours of the iX SUV.

The custom packaging comes with millions of paint capsules – each the diameter of a human hair! These capsules are negatively charged with white pigments and positively charged with black pigments. With the help of an electric charge, the color of the car can change from black to white and vice versa. This technology is better known as electrophoretic staining and is based on the same technology you find in e-readers.

According to BMW, this technology contributes to the efficient use of thermal energy. When it’s warm and sunny outside in a warm place, the white colored exterior reflects more sunlight and in the same vein, a black exterior absorbs more heat, which can be useful in cold environments. Efficient use of this technology reduces the load on heating and cooling needs, which reduces the amount of energy on the vehicle’s electrical system, helping to save energy which can contribute to overall range of the vehicle ! After all, the iX is a fully electric vehicle and saving every bit also helps increase range.

The E Ink technology is also quite efficient, as it doesn’t need power to stay in a chosen color state, the only time electricity is used is when power is flowing through the package for the short duration of the color change process.

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