Community: 10 benefits of going to Greendale

There’s no shortage of subversive and unconventional TV comedies, but Community stands out from its peers as one of the most stylistically creative sitcoms of all time. Community starts as a simple comedy about a study group at a community college, but this backdrop gradually intensifies until the series evolves into a difficult deconstruction of pop culture and television.

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Literally anything seems possible in an episode of Community, but overall the show is limited to its establishment of a community college in Greendale. Greendale Community College is a magnet for chaos, but there are also plenty of reasons to enjoy being Greendale alumni.

ten There are ridiculous classes that are more fun than work

Greendale TV Community Welcome to the Ladders Classroom

Greendale Community College is first and foremost an educational institution, but the lackluster nature of the school, combined with the Dean’s tenuous grip on it all, has resulted in some very unconventional classes to help complete the program. There are particularly extreme examples that seem impossible for students to fail, such as Ladders, History of Ice Cream, or classes that focus solely on Nicolas Cage’s filmography or the sitcom. Who’s the boss? These odd classes definitely wouldn’t be found at any other college, and they might even be a selling point for some.

9 There are constant dances

TV Community Midterm Dance

There is no shortage of celebrations and recreational events that take place in Greendale that help unite the student body and function as welcome distractions from class. Dean’s must-attend event is a big danceoften with a precarious theme as justification – and it even becomes a bit of a running joke throughout the series. Students have learned to adopt these dances because they know there is probably another just around the corner. Many of the show’s pivotal events take place during the Greendale dances, which means there’s usually some high-quality drama present as well as an opportunity to get loose.

8 Puppy displays are normal for the course

TV Community Puppy Parade with Kitten

Community The second season episode, “Cooperative Calligraphy”, is one of the best episodes of the series. It’s a masterpiece of minimalism and a stunning dialogue-driven character study. The series’ central study group barricades themselves in the school study hall to get to the bottom of a missing stationery.

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What makes this experience exciting for the Greendale Seven is that a parade of puppies is in full swing, which they are unable to attend. It seems to be a recurring tradition in Greendale, and the brief glimpse viewers get of the celebration is lovely.

seven It’s easy to manipulate teachers and raise grades

Jeff Duncan TV Community Handshake

Greendale Community College has its share of students like Annie Edison who genuinely go above and beyond and try to make the most of everything the school has to offer in terms of education. That being said, there are many more students who reflect Jeff Winger’s mentality that blackmail and manipulation are just as useful tools as a long study session. Most Greendale educators aren’t beacons of altruism, and they’re more than willing to accept luxuries from students in exchange for better grades or an easier commute.

6 The student body is mutually supportive

Community TV Greendale Paintball Plan Students

Greendale has an endless supply of problems, but the greatest benefit of becoming part of its community is that Greendale students have each other’s backs. There have been several occasions where the school has had to come together collectively against outside threats like City College, but it’s the smaller instances, like the dean who goes out of his way to help his students, that really resonates. The way in which Community The study group going from strangers to real friends is emblematic of the people of Greendale as a whole.

5 There is a top notch air conditioning repair program

TV Community Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School Trial

Greendale has become quite comfortable with his underdog status, but despite all his struggles and flaws, the one area of ​​his college that seems to be thriving is the Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School. Troy Barnes is almost drawn to this Greendale stalwart due to his natural talent in the area.

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The Air Conditioning Repair School is technically part of Greendale Community College, but it has its own Dean who couldn’t be more different than Dean Pelton. The high pass rate of Air Conditioning Repair School graduates is also quite contrary to most Greendale Community College graduates.

4 Chaos takes over school work

Coach Bogner congratulates Jeff Winger

Ultimately, students go to school to get an education and a degree, but it can be easy to burn out or become so focused on work that nothing else is appreciated. Greendale Community College makes sure there’s never a dull moment, and it’s not uncommon for a blanket and a box of pillows to take over the whole school, games of “the ground is lava” become mandatory, or that frequent occasions when paintball descends the whole school into anarchy. These events are undeniably disruptive, but they certainly help students avoid any class-related fatigue.

3 It’s easy to become a teacher

Chang trying to teach

For some people, it is not enough to enroll in Greendale Community College: they also want to be part of the faculty. Teaching is not a profession to be taken lightly, but anyone interested in cutting their teeth in the field could get a job in Greendale without a problem. Chang is an individual of pure chaos and he is somehow able to teach a Spanish class, and Jeff is later makes a teacher despite the absence of a diploma in the field. Greendale Community College seems so short of educators that all it takes to get hired are compliments to the dean.

2 Lots of hidden benefits in school

Greendale Trampoline TV Community Jeff Troy

Greendale Community College isn’t the first in many areas, but at least the school offers a number of unusual perks that students can enjoy as a kind of concession. Greendale’s resources are limited, but some relics have been uncovered, such as a trampoline with near-mythical powers and secret passageways that reveal secrets about Greendale’s past. Greendale Community College is definitely not a four-star restaurant, but its campus does have Shirley’s Sandwiches and surprisingly delicious cafeteria fare, like chicken fingers.

1 The Dean has many costumes to enjoy

Community TV Dean Pelton Double Suit

Dean Pelton of Greendale Community College is a very strange individual with his share of eccentricities. Most important is his desire to wear lavish costumes to celebrate various school events. This compulsion reaches shocking levels, and it’s really impressive to see the quality he is able to achieve through some of his ideas. Dean Pelton shows off dozens of unique outfits throughout Community run around, and if a student is having a bad day, chances are they can look at what the Dean is wearing and rejoice immediately.

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