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Colman, TX (January 14, 2022) – Work on the exterior of the new addition to Coleman County Medical Center is nearing completion, with construction crews now focusing on the interiors of the buildings.

Masonry and concrete accents were completed several weeks ago, followed by windows and exterior doors. The building is now fully weatherproofed, so crews are moving ahead with finish framing, rough-in electrical and plumbing, tiling, taping and priming. The heating and cooling systems will also go live shortly.

“The district is very pleased with the quality and efficiency of the construction,” said Coleman County Medical Center District Chairman Wayne Moore. “We also received many compliments from the community regarding the masonry and the general appearance of the building, he explained.

The brick used on the new building was chosen by the district to echo the original brick used on the 1923 and 1937 buildings and reflect Coleman’s construction history.

“The construction schedule was delayed by a few weeks by inclement weather early last year, but we have worked hard to meet the schedule,” said Naomi Ruhe, Lott Brothers Construction Company. “Our offsite storage has allowed us to order and receive materials well in advance and, with one exception, we have avoided some of the supply chain issues affecting the country.”

This exception is the emergency generator set, which was originally scheduled for delivery in January.

According to Lott Brothers on-site superintendent Ron Webb, delivery of the backup generator has been delayed until March. Installation and testing requirements will delay final inspection of the installation by the Texas Department of State Health Services until May.

“This means that we won’t be able to move into the new facilities until June,” said CCMC Administrator Clay Vogel. “Work on interiors is currently invisible to the community,” Vogel continued. “So our grand opening will be a reveal that will hopefully exceed everyone’s expectations.”

Construction of the clinic is also expected to be completed this summer, with the rest of the campus completed by the fall.

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