Daikin launches air conditioning / heating unit for its Conveni-Pack CO2 system

Daikin Europe, a division of Japanese manufacturer Daikin Industries, will launch a new air conditioning / heating unit called Round Flow CO in January.2 Cassette – which is compatible with its CO2 (R744) Conveni-Pack integrated HVAC & R system for convenience stores, according to a LinkedIn article from Daikin Europe.

The round flow cassette “combines good looks with advanced technology to meet the needs of modern supermarkets,” the company said, declaring it “perfect for CO.2 Conveni-Pack integrated HVAC & R solution.

The Conveni-Pack is an integrated system for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating in one unit. The system was developed for Natural HVACR 4 LIFE, a sustainability-focused research project exploring the use of CO₂ as a natural refrigerant. Natural HVACR 4 LIFE is co-funded by the European Union and managed by Daikin Europe.

The cassette features’ smart sensors and 360 airflow, with large flaps and a unique swing pattern, [which] ensure even air distribution for maximum comfort, ”Daikin said in the statement. “[A]Self-cleaning panels maintain dust-free operation for optimized performance and energy savings.

The cassette can be fitted with a variety of decorative panels, allowing the cabinet to be adapted to different store designs. The units also have adjustable ceiling height settings and the ability to pair with CO2-duct indoor units to maximize flexibility for different store sizes and configurations.

Additional benefits of the cassette include quiet operations, remote-controlled individual louver controls, optional fresh air intake, and automatic filter cleaning, Daikin said.

The Conveni-Pack project

Daikin began testing a prototype Conveni-Pack at a simulated convenience store in early 2020, followed by demonstration and follow-up at stores in Germany and France in medium and warm climates, respectively.

The project plans to install the system in 20 European stores and primarily monitor the energy efficiency and safety performance of the equipment “to provide a risk mitigation strategy as a basis for large-scale CO application.2 as a natural refrigerant ”, according to the European Commission.

Daikin presented the Conveni Pack to the public at the first virtual fair for natural refrigerants in September 2020.

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