No more firewood in New York?

The days of heating your home with a wood-fired furnace may be fading away in New York State. There’s a law pending in New York who will start banning heaters that create carbon emissions.

This bill known as New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act was signed in 2019 and will start to have a big impact in 2022.

Sections 2 and 3 of the bill would amend the Environmental Conservation Act to establish the New York State Climate Action Council, greenhouse gas emission limits and requirements for declaration, as well as provisions to deal with potential impacts on disadvantaged communities.

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According to the bill, this part of the law will come into force in October.

The bill would come into force on the same date as a chapter of the 2019 law relating to a standing advisory group on environmental justice as proposed, except that the community air monitoring program required by article 2 of the law will enter into force on October 1, 2022.

Similar to the reasons there there will be no gasoline ATVs available in New York State, this new law aims to put an end to the damage caused to the environment by outdoor boilers / wood-fired ovens.

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These laws will be implemented in phases, but we need to prepare for them as we prepare to start a new year in New York State.

Then and Now: How Fast Food Restaurants in the Hudson Valley Have Changed

While many of your favorite Hudson Valley fast food restaurants have stayed in one place for decades, their buildings are almost unrecognizable from what they once looked like.

Hudson Valley restaurants with the most critical violations in 2021

Critical infractions are those that can cause immediate harm to consumers, such as undercooked food and improper storage of ingredients. Other violations such as inadequate hand washing facilities or dirty conditions are noted as non-critical violations.

The ten restaurants below all received four or more critical violations during their last inspection in 2021. In some cases, restaurants have been given the opportunity to correct violations by inspectors and have done so. Just because a restaurant is on this list does not mean that it is currently breaking the health code. However, the Board of Health thinks it’s important to be armed with information about how seriously a restaurant takes kitchen cleanliness, food safety, and other important rules that affect the food you give to. your family.

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