Chinese court upholds Honeywell’s patent for HFO-1234yf

On November 26, 2021, the People’s Court of China upheld the initial ruling of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court and the previous ruling of the National Intellectual Property Office of China, upholding the validity of Honeywell’s patent for the refrigerant HFO-1234YF. Refrigerant maker Arkema had challenged the validity of Honeywell’s patent on the refrigerant.

Honeywell, in a written statement, says the judgment, goes a long way in protecting Honeywell and its authorized suppliers and resellers of HFO-1234yf used in China and other countries for automotive air conditioning systems, and prevents Arkema and other unauthorized producers from engaging in unauthorized business activities . In addition, importing HFO-1234yf from China to any other country in which Honeywell holds the relevant patent would constitute infringement. Honeywell is committed to taking all legal steps necessary to protect the company’s investments in the development of innovative products that reduce the impact of global warming. “

Representatives for Chemours – which uses R-1234yf in refrigerant blends – has issued the following statement in support of the decision.

“The Chemours Company applauds the recent ruling of the Supreme People’s Court of the Republic of China to uphold Honeywell’s patent (No. 201210530088.9) which covers the use of HFO-1234yf in automotive air conditioning systems.

“This decision and the rejection of Arkema’s challenge to the claims represents a major victory for Chemours and Honeywell to ensure that our customers in the mobile air conditioning market have a source of safe and reliable refrigerants that meet the standards of highest quality and work to advance the world’s sustainability initiatives. Chemours and Honeywell have invested billions of dollars to develop and manufacture 1234yf, and we remain committed to upholding our position as authorized manufacturers and suppliers of the refrigerant.

“Chemours operates one of the largest HFO-1234yf production facilities in the world and will continue to make the necessary investments to meet market demand, while preserving the integrity of production, distribution and use, as well as protecting the best interests of our customers and our planet. “

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