Hospitalized for 147 days on ventilator, COVID patient was ‘suffocated to death’, but believes God sent her this sign in a dream

An Alabama woman who came close to death as she battled COVID-19 in hospital for 147 grueling days believes God sent her a sign during the heartbreaking ordeal.

Lynn Black Owens, who spent a remarkable 47 days on a ventilator, remembers seeing a purple light in one of her dreams during the ordeal – a light she believes to be a sign from the Lord.

“I believe in my heart that God let me know that he was there with me, that he had never left me and that he was going to be with me until the end,” Owens told WAFF -TV.

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However, all of Owens’ experiences during her hospitalization and battling COVID-19 were not so heartwarming, as she remembered repeatedly dreaming that she was dead.

“In all my dreams, I was dead, or people thought I was dead, and I couldn’t get them to understand that I was not dead,” she told the outlet. “I had dreamed that I was in a coffin, and they tried to close it, and I could hear the dirt being thrown on it.”

These images may appear bleak, but they reflect the terrible nature of his reality at the time.

“I was suffocating to death,” she told WAFF-TV. “I didn’t feel like I could go on anymore, and I kept praying to God to let me die, take me out and let me die.”

Owens tells his story of survival in a new book titled “Nightmares and Miracles: A COVID-19 Survival Story,” a project that is part of an adult coloring book and documentation of his healing journey. .

Although she survived the ordeal, she “will never return to normal,” according to the book’s description.

Before contracting COVID-19, Owens was preparing an adult coloring book. She hoped to continue working on the project afterwards, but that won’t be possible.

“Determined to complete the second half of the art needed for the book, Lynn found she couldn’t draw anymore,” the book’s description reads. “She doesn’t have the strength, coordination or focus, and her hands are shaking uncontrollably.”

That said, Owens was able to complete his story and create a hybrid book. Now, she hopes to inspire others through her story.

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