Baar-Baarenfels Architects presents a skyscraper for Dakar

The Miami Center for Architecture & Design pays homage to the latest work of Viennese architect Johannes Baar-Baarenfels – a skyscraper in the West African megalopolis of Dakar.

Miami exhibition

Vienna, November 2021. On November 30, 2021, the “Time Space Existence Miami 2021” exhibition opens at the Miami Center for Architecture & Design (MCAD). The exhibition presents the latest works of Baar-Baarenfels Architects. The contribution of the famous Viennese architectural firm is a skyscraper in Dakar, Senegal. Adapted to the hot climate of West Africa, the supporting structure of the building is in front of the glazing. The skyscraper is located in the middle of the Dakar Peninsula, offering spectacular views of the city and the sea in almost every direction. Despite the transparency of the building and the large proportion of glass, there is a high degree of shade. “Due to the sculptural design of the building, the grid structure has different mesh sizes. The parametric design made this possible, ”explains architect Johannes Baar-Baarenfels.

The breathtaking entrance hall connects to an empty seven-story space and is designed like a hanging garden. The lower floors are for offices and the upper floors for apartments. A highlight of the building is a penthouse with a sculptural shaped flying roof. It seems to rise from the grid structure into the smooth transitions of the facade. On the roof there is also a swimming pool with palm trees.

Energetic efficiency
Thanks to a high proportion of shading, the building proves its energy efficiency. The shading parts act as thermal solar collectors. The energy generates chilled water for air conditioning via absorbers and also for heating the water. The skyscraper cools down using the activation of components in the concrete ceilings.

Baar-Baarenfels Architects
DI Johannes Baar-Baarenfels
Dr Raffaelo Dipace

Bollinger Grohmann

Building services technology:
TGA Consulting

Architect on site:
DI Urbain Diagne

Graphic design:
Alois schwaighofer

About architect Johannes Baar-Baarenfels:
Johannes Baar-Baarenfels is an Austrian architect based in Vienna. In 2020, he won the European Property Award with his “Residence for a Petroleum Engineer” project. In the same year, his project “Sofia Serdica” – three shell-shaped glass domes to preserve 2,500-year-old underground ruins in the historic center of Sofia – was the highlight of an exhibition at the Shusev Museum of Architecture. in Moscow. In 2013, Baar-Baarenfels received for its renovation of the Rasumofsky Palace in Vienna the “New and Old” category at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore. In 2010, Baar-Baarenfels was nominated at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona for the Sportalm Flagship Store in Vienna in the “Shopping” category.

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