Lower latency and costs increase colocation of edge data centers with Conapto

Closer, faster, greener. These three factors play an important role in delivering a better user experience and cost savings for edge data centers.

Closer means smoother content delivery and the ability to generate real-time analytics and results due to lower latency. For gamers, lower ping times and less game lag means they don’t have to accept game over prematurely. Most importantly, real-time processes that have being in real time, like air traffic control, can be achieved without delay in collecting, transferring and processing data.

Besides lower latency, having an edge data center for colo can help reduce the cost of high volume data transmission. Data doesn’t have to travel far, and paying for its facilities and services is much cheaper than having your own data center. In addition, many companies now need to get closer to their customers in Northern and Eastern Europe, with Russia, the Balkans, Iceland and the Nordic countries.

For example, if the majority of European users of an American company do not live near the “main” FLAP sites (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris), how does the company provide all of its users with the best? possible experience?

“We […] see companies headquartered in the USA, which may have established themselves in the UK, Frankfurt or Amsterdam, now need to get closer to their customers in Northern and Eastern Europe, with Russia, etc. So there is a strong movement in that direction, too, ”said HÃ¥kan Björklund, CEO of Conapto, in a statement. recent interview with DCD on current colo trends for Cloud and Tier II software providers.

Conapto is a Swedish data center operator with two colo data centers in Stockholm. Stockholm North is a 3,400 m² facility with a capacity of 6 MW, while Stockholm South has a space of 2,100 m² and a capacity of 4 MW. Both meet and comply with the strict physical security requirements of data centers with the Swedish standard of protection class 3 and the European standard of resistance class EN-1627 4.

“On-premises cloud data centers will become crucial as businesses demand that critical data be kept in-house or nearby, reducing security risks such as data theft,” said Manoj Shankar, research analyst, Energy & Environment Practice at Frost & Sullivan who recently planned an investment in data center market to reach $ 432.14 billion by 2025, an increase from $ 244.74 billion in 2019.

Third-party colo can be more cost effective by using energy efficiencies not available in “traditional” FLAP locations. For example, data centers in Stockholm take advantage of the country’s cold climate to cool their facilities in a very energy efficient manner, resulting in low PUE (energy use efficiency) values. Conapto’s data centers use 100% renewable energy. As a result, they have a PUE of 1.25 and 1.3 – close to the perfect PUE of 1.0 where IT equipment and processing use all the power, wasting nothing on cooling.

The Swedish capital also has transformational green energy saving initiatives. There is, for example, a heat recovery system that injects excess heat generated by data centers into the district heating system to warm its residents. Additionally, the city aims to heat 10% of all urban facilities with waste heat from data centers by 2035, making it an attractive location for those who value or prioritize sustainability.

“Sustainability issues have always been a challenge for us in IT, as it has been difficult to achieve major improvement in our own data centers,” said Ola Andreasson, Head of Infrastructure at ICA , the leading grocery retailer in Sweden with around 1,300 stores around the country.

“With this shift to climate neutral data centers, we can see which savings and decreases are contributing to ICA’s overall sustainability goals. This was a very positive and appreciated gain for this project. The company felt that it save 50% per year by switching to Conapto. It also plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by around 116 tCOâ‚‚ each year, equivalent to the emissions from 1,084 flights between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Recently, another factor has become important when considering a colo – unlimited flexibility without getting stuck on extended deals. This reflects a world that consumes more and more data on demand, making a rigid business model insufficient to keep pace with customer needs. Conapto offers this type of flexibility in complete transparency, without notice and in complete freedom. It’s a game-changing movement that is beneficial for Softronic, a leading IT service management company that pioneered the new business model when it was introduced.

“With these new terms of agreement, we can begin to offer our customers the flexibility and transparency they need. In addition, this will give us a better chance of providing tailor-made solutions for each of our customers, according to their needs, ”said Claes Brikell, Sales Director at Softronic, who also gained more opportunities to develop his customer offer. From providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to direct access to public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, to Conapto CloudHub, the adaptable deal gives the business more margin to develop with modern needs and demands.

“It fits with the way we think about our value proposition. Full flexibility, transparent terms and no blockages that allow our customers to scale up or down on the same day, ”said Brikell. “On top of that, we appreciate the durable and secure services and support in Swedish. Conapto can now offer us everything we need.

Considering the colocation of the edge data center involves looking at the overall intent and the potential outcomes. The “Deliver Better Experiences with Edge Data Center Colocation” ebook provides a guide on what to look for before deploying a colo solution to the edge.

To see how Conapto provides scalable, secure and sustainable data center colocation facilities, click here.

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