PCC CIT division to auction a pair of student-built homes on October 30

(Photo by Pitt Community College)

WINTERVILLE, NC – A pair of homes built by students in the Construction and Industrial Technology (CIT) division of Pitt Community College will be auctioned off on October 30 to fund future training.

The two single story homes are 1,248 square feet with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and gray vinyl siding on the exterior. They are the latest to be built on campus by students of the CCP’s air conditioning, heating and refrigeration, architecture, electrical systems, and building construction technology programs.

CCP students began building houses as part of their degree program in the summer of 1988. Maurey Verzier, chairman of the CCP’s building construction technology department, explains that the hands-on projects expose students to a wide variety of skills that they can ultimately use for the workplace.

“Live construction projects play a crucial role in the success of our program,” says Verzier. “They give our students the opportunity to develop and refine their critical thinking and problem-solving skills with their instructors at their fingertips, guiding them through the troubleshooting process. The skills they acquire during these projects serve them well as they become managers and team leaders in industry.

Verzier said live construction projects take three semesters. When completed, she said each house is auctioned off to the highest bidder, who must make a 10% deposit immediately after the sale and is responsible for moving the structure from campus to private land.

Although the homes auctioned this month have different floor plans – one features the “Rebecca” plan while the other is the “Elaina” – both have carpeted bedrooms, high ceilings nine feet and engineered wood floors in their common areas. Bathrooms have white marble sinks and water-resistant vinyl tile floors, and their kitchens have white / light gray granite counters, white cabinets, and appliances. Stainless steel.

Other key features include:

  • Custom trim around windows, doors and baseboards
  • Water heater, heat pump, insulated windows and doors
  • Front porch measuring 8 feet by 26 feet
  • Peninsula dining in the kitchen
  • Unique built-in doghouse with custom trim at the end of the hallway

“The highest bidders will purchase quality homes that meet current building codes and exceed the Greenville Utilities Commission E300 standards for energy efficiency,” said Verzier.

This month’s auction will begin with an opening bid at 10 am at the corner of Reedy Branch Road and Warren Drive – construction site of the “Rebecca” project. Once this house is sold, the auction will continue at the corner of Memorial Drive and Dr. Fulford Road, where the “Elaina” project was built.

Participants in auctions do not have to register in advance to bid on homes. Potential bidders can visit the homes in person prior to the sale by calling (252) 493-7522 to make an appointment. The houses will also be open to visitors on the day of the auction, starting at 9 a.m.

In the 33 years since construction began on the first house built by PCC students, CIT students have built nearly 50 houses to gain knowledge and extensive practical experience in the construction field.

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