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At last week’s board meeting and in our column of letters, there was talk of expensive “legalization” fees for home improvement projects. Tom Lamberti and George Salem both wrote that when they sought to replace decades-old air conditioning compressors they were charged huge fees because their contractors had not obtained the proper permits years ago. .

At the meeting, Mr. Lamberti produced the certificate of occupancy issued by the village in 1992 for the renovation project which included air conditioning work, showing that the village had approved everything at the time.

While this may seem like a minor injustice affecting only a few people, consider the fact that the village requires permits for “any plumbing, drainage, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration or electrical work”. among others.

Can you say for sure that all of these types of projects ever done in your home had the proper permits? If obtaining a certificate of occupancy for the work does not protect homeowners, many people may have a nasty surprise the next time they request work on their home.

If, in fact, the Village wants to continue to charge this kind of legalization fee, then at the very least, it should consider offering an amnesty period so that owners can have their documents corrected without fear.

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