NES turns to clients to fund new program

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) – Nashville Electric Service is launching a new program to help fund home energy upgrades for low-income customers.

Many older homes in Tennessee need energy-efficient upgrades their homeowners can’t afford, and NES is launching a program to meet that need.

At the start of the new year, NES will launch the “Power of Change” program, in which all NES bills (residential and business customers) will be rounded to the nearest higher dollar.

The move comes after Davidson County Metro Council asked NES to create a “rally” program, where 100% of funds raised will go directly to NES’s Home Uplift program for immediate distribution towards eligible home renovation costs. Requirements include, but are not limited to, income level, home ownership in the NES service area, and the primary source of heating and cooling is electric.

In partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the Home Uplift program has provided efficiency improvements for more than 400 homes in Davidson County since its launch in 2018, resulting in improvements, on average, of 8 $ 000 per house.

Many of the homes that are in immediate need of these renovations are in low income areas of rural and urban communities.

Without energy efficient appliances, good weather protection or adequate insulation, obsolete appliances and HVAC systems can use an excessive amount of electricity, leaving these residents with high electricity bills month after month, according to NES.

When the program goes into effect on January 1, 2022, the 420,000 NES customers will have their bills automatically rounded up to the next dollar.

The maximum amount a customer will donate is $ 0.99 per month, or about $ 12 per year.

Power of Change revenue will be used for various home improvement costs, such as airtightness, duct sealing / replacement, attic insulation, HVAC cleaning and tuning. , HVAC replacement, etc.

The NES says that well-heated, air-conditioned and insulated homes help reduce colds and illnesses, and studies show that those who lead healthy and comfortable lives at home miss fewer days from work and school than those who struggle with problems due to a difficult life. conditions.

All clients are encouraged to participate in the program, but clients can make the decision to opt out at any time by following two simple steps:

  • Log into your NES account online at
  • Toggle the Power of Change toggle button to “off”

Customers can also call customer service at (615) 736-6900 and follow the prompts to unsubscribe through their account.

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