Spare the air alert issued due to smoke, exhaust fumes, high temperatures

The Bay Area will be on Spare the Air alert on Tuesday due to smoke from wildfires, high temperatures and vehicle exhausts.

The trio of worsening respiratory conditions are expected to cause unhealthy smog throughout the region, according to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

“The combination of exhaust fumes, hot temperatures and smoke from wildfires is expected to result in poor air quality in the area,” Jack Broadbent, district general manager, said in a statement Monday. “Driving less can help reduce harmful smog and protect the health of Bay Area residents. “

Temperatures in North Bay can reach 90 degrees while interior temperatures in the Bay Area could be closer to 100 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Smoke is expected to come from numerous northern California fires, including the 963,276-acre Dixie Fire.

Vulnerable people may experience symptoms such as throat irritation, congestion, and chest pain. The smoke can also cause eye irritation, coughing, and a dry throat.

Young children and the elderly with respiratory and heart problems are particularly vulnerable, according to the district.

During Spare the Air alerts, outdoor exercise should take place in the morning. Anyone inside should close doors and windows if there is smoke, but should look for cooling centers if high temperatures are causing problems. The car’s air conditioning and ventilation systems must be adjusted to recirculate the air.

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