Star Renewable Energy sponsors site visit for Scotland’s first large-scale water heat pump

Queens Quay heat pump network

The Queens Quay heat pump’s impressive environmental credentials make it an excellent location for a site visit for delegates to the 2021 Low-Carbon Heat Conference

Star Refrigeration‘s renewable arm – Star Renewable Energy – is sponsoring a site visit to the Queens Quay water heat pump in Clydebank. With the capacity to deliver up to 5.2 MW of heat at 800 ° C, the Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) for district heating is the largest of its kind in Scotland. It was developed and delivered through a collaboration between the West Dunbartonshire Council, Vital Energi and Star Renewable Energy.

The heat pump works by harnessing ambient heat from the Clyde Estuary and using ammonia heat pumps to capture this energy, making it an extremely low carbon heat generation method. In fact, it is expected to produce less than 5% of the emissions associated with gas alternatives, while its coefficient of performance is greater than 3.0 (or three units of heat produced for each unit of electricity consumed). Installed on the site of the former John Brown shipyard, it will serve existing buildings and new construction over the next several years, supplying 95% of heat demand and 82% of peak demand.

The impressive environmental credentials of the Queens Quay heat pump make it an excellent location for a site visit for delegates to the Low-Carbon Heat Conference 2021. Hosted by Scottish Renewables and scheduled for September 23, 2021, interested parties are invited to register online and visit the site, which is conveniently located near Clydebank station and offers good parking access. Once there, visitors will benefit from a guided tour of the energy center, the sampling chamber, the site’s two heat pumps and an overview of the district heating system that will provide heat to 1,200 private homes, businesses and public buildings including West College Scotland, Clydebank Leisure Center, Clydebank Town Hall and Library.

Dave Pearson, Group Sustainability Director at Star Refrigeration, said: “At Star Refrigeration we have always put sustainability at the forefront of our business model, striving to make Scotland, UK and the planet a safer place to live for future generations. “

“We were delighted to have participated in the realization of the Clydebank project in tandem with Vital Energi and the local council and we look forward to making known the immense potential of water heat pump technology during the next visit to the site. “

Projects like the Queens Quay WSHP are an integral part of the Scottish Government’s climate goals, as heating accounts for more than half of all energy consumed in the country. Among other goals, the government aims to double the number of heat pump installations each year over the next five years, while converting more than one million domestic properties and 50,000 non-domestic properties to emissions heating systems. zero or weak before the end of the decade. .

As the largest high temperature river heat pump installation in the UK, the Clydebank industrial heat pump is an example of what can be achieved when political and environmental goals align. Indeed, the site has been selected for two separate awards by the European Association of Heat Pumps this year: the European City of Heat Pump of the Year Award and the Public Award. As the name suggests, this latest honor is decided by public vote, so those who wish to support Clydebank’s candidacy are encouraged to vote online.

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