Seco / Warwick SA: Sixth CAB range from SECO / WARWICK goes to premium vehicle battery cooler manufacturer in China

The latest brazing system from SECO / WARWICK will be used for large size battery coolers for cars. Car batteries, thanks to the development of electromobility, are the fastest growing product in the automotive industry. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum heat exchangers has trusted SECO / WARWICK for the seventh time.

The SECO / WARWICK Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) line will include a convection preheating chamber, a radiation furnace, an indirect cooling chamber and a final cooling chamber. The entire system will be equipped with a dedicated control system. Ordering the fourth CAB line with the same configuration means the customer can be sure that the delivered equipment is operating efficiently and reliably.

Our current portfolio is the result of collaboration, dialogue and listening to the needs of our customers, mainly in the automotive sector. We have developed CAB lines that perfectly match the needs of the market, ‘ said Piotr SkarbiÅ„ski, Vice president, Aluminum Process and CAB business segment, SECO / WARWICK. ‘Our specialized CAB lines (Controlled Atmosphere Brazing) for the HVAC-heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry, and for the production of heat exchangers for the energy industry, allow us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, and this is currently an invaluable asset ”, adds P. SkarbiÅ„ski.

Preferred CAB technology

Brazing in a controlled atmosphere (TAXI) is the preferred technology for the production of aluminum heat exchangers in the automobile industry. SECO / WARWICK sold a similar machine to one of the largest European auto parts manufacturers. A dedicated line has been adapted to the specific requirements of the battery cooler manufacturer.


The Asian history of SECO / WARWICK technology in this area began in 2010 precisely with controlled atmosphere aluminum brazing furnaces, where the Chinese subsidiary SECO / WARWICK became the undisputed market leader. The first CAB line produced by the Tianjin factory was installed and commissioned 10 years ago.

Compared to the Group’s 100-year history, the creation of a Chinese subsidiary is a relatively recent event. At the beginning of its 10 years of existence in China, the group started with only a few people, then quickly grew to its current position today with 20 times the turnover and more than 70 employees. . SECO / WARWICK has delivered hundreds of implemented solutions manufactured in its 5,000 m² factory which houses the head office and production area. The company serves customers in the most demanding industries – automotive, energy, aviation and machinery.

The new CAB range has been designed by SECO / WARWICK on the basis of our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for brazing coil coolers. A machine was needed to make oversized battery coolers. The most important factor was developing the right design to achieve perfect temperature uniformity over the 1.9m wide conveyor belt, including a special design to prevent warping of such long battery coolers. This is the key to a perfectly functioning production line. An interesting element of this dedicated solution is the unique design of the curtain box and cooling chambers.

Since many decades, SECO / WARWICK has played an important role in the development and innovation of CAB systems, providing customers with the highest value facilities and professional service.


10th anniversary of the SECO / WARWICK subsidiary in China

The electric car industry with a continuous CAB line from SECO / WARWICK

The SECO / WARWICK solution brings another reward to the company

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