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As the new Red Raiders prepare for campus life, some are just trying to calm down.

Students at Gates Hall, an on-campus dormitory, report room temperatures in the ’80s and’ 90s as they enter week three with no working air conditioning.

“It is incredibly painful to live and sleep,” Alberto Robles, a resident of Gates Hall. “We have a bunch of fans on us all the time.

The university provided the students with miniature fans and installed a temporary air conditioning unit outside the school to supply the hallways with fresh air. But the students say there is still very little fresh air inside their rooms.

“We have three fans and it’s too hot,” said Gates Hall resident Michael Djeumo. “It’s like ninety degrees in the room. You can’t breathe. You just have to go out. “

Students said they slept in the lobby for cooler air, while others stayed with friends in other dorms and even rented homes on Airbnb. But this option is not available to all residents, which leads some to request reimbursement for time lost in their room.

“I kind of want to get the money back,” said Anderson Hur, resident of Gates Hall. “I can’t even use my own dorm. It’s a bit boring… I just want this to be fixed, though, at this point. I just want a place to go and relax. I know people are going to get Airbnbs and rent houses and stuff, and I can’t do none of that because I don’t have the money.

A parent of a Gates Hall student contacted KAMC News and reported that his daughter was sleeping at home to avoid the temperature in her bedroom. They report that the air conditioning has been off since at least August 15 and that refrigerated trucks came to provide temporary cooling to the hallways on Monday August 30.

KAMC News has contacted University Student Housing for comment on this issue several times and has not received a response.

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