An Overview of Kentucky Fan Capacity

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) – Reports of the Kentucky coronaviruses have steadily worsened over the summer.

Governor Andy Beshear on Thursday said the state was facing exponential growth in COVID-19 and straining hospitals.

“Our hospitals… are already on the brink,” Beshear said. “It can’t go on. If we have that kind of exponential growth, we’re running out of everything. These are staffed beds. These are staffed intensive care beds.”

And fans.

Beshear said Kentucky has already requested 40 more vents from national stock.

“We had to ask the national government for more ventilators. We have some now. We have brought some to St. Clair,” Beshear said. “I believe [AdventHealth] Manchester needs a couple. “

So how many fans does Kentucky have?

Well, the number tends to fluctuate daily as patients come in and out.

On September 3, Kentucky’s COVID-19 report said there were 865 ventilators occupied and 1,035 ventilators available. That would bring the total number of Kentucky fans to 1,900.

However, it’s important to note that not all of these ventilators are just for COVID patients. They are intended for all kinds of patients.

Current state figures show that of the 865 Kentuckians on ventilators right now, 425 of them are COVID patients and 440 of them are on ventilators for other reasons.

On Thursday, the governor reminded people that Kentucky hospital resources are needed for all kinds of emergencies. So, he said, if Kentucky’s COVID numbers continue to rise, the state will have fewer vents for emergency care.

“We have so many people in the hospital, you think of other things that you may be missing. We are seeing shortages of IV pumps and vital sign machines,” Beshear said. “So now it even has an impact on the day-to-day running of a hospital.”

Beshear said the majority of Kentucky hospitals are also facing critical staff shortages due to COVID-19.

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