Surna Cultivation Technologies introduces the EnviroPro ™ family of air treatment products

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Expands line of HVACD products organized to add versatility, including DX systems, additional energy efficiency selections and economical options

Boulder, Colorado, July 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA), operating as surna Cultivation Technologies, announces the expansion of its family of air handling products.

“To meet the air conditioning needs of our growing customer base, we launched our EnviroPro family of air treatment products. These new products are part of our strategy to add versatility to our product line, allowing us to be a true supplier agnostic of a carefully selected product line, ”said Troy Rippe, vice president of operations and development of surna. “This versatility allows us to offer our customers solutions that meet their unique needs rather than making them conform to a specific technology as some of our competitors do. “

The EnviroPro family of air handling units includes:

  • EnviroPro Packaged DX Air Handling System (SRTU) – this packaged hot gas reheating system provides both cooling and dehumidification, eliminating the need for self-contained dehumidification units in the space. An economical choice for low-budget growers, the SRTU is a relatively low-cost option to meet the unique cooling, heating and dehumidification needs of environment-controlled agriculture. The SRTU includes a DDC controller and all the sensors needed to operate as a stand-alone system, including remote monitoring, setpoint management, and data trending. Optionally, the unit can be integrated into a central control system, such as SentryIQ from surna® Control system.
  • EnviroPro Custom DX Air Handler (SCAHU-DX) – these customizable air handling units are designed with deeper coils, higher sensible heat ratios and EC motors. Choose from a variety of energy efficiency options for cooling, heating and dehumidifying, for a multitude of possibilities to minimize energy consumption and maximize return on investment.
  • EnviroPro Custom Chilled Water Air Handling Unit (SCAHU-CW) – this unit uses hydronic cooling to remove heat from the space using chilled water as the medium for heat exchange. Hydronic cooling systems are completely closed loop, conserving water, eliminating the need for ductwork and minimizing biosecurity risks.
  • EnviroPro Mini Air Handler (SHAU) – with 4 or 6 row cooling, this indoor air handling system can be designed with multiple units in sealed environments to provide redundancy and inherent odor control. These units are suitable for ducted and ductless systems. The SHAU acts as the connection between the facility’s coolers and the air in the grow rooms, simultaneously cooling and dehumidifying the space.

About Nicka

Surna Inc. (, operating under the trade name surna Cultivation Technologies, designs, develops and sells cultivation technologies for controlled environment agriculture, including: (i) liquid-based process cooling systems and other control systems climate, (ii) air handling equipment and systems, (iii) a full service engineering package for the design and engineering of commercial scale thermodynamic systems specific to cannabis cultivation facilities, and (iv) automation and control devices, systems and technologies used for environment, lighting and climate control.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, we use our experience to provide our customers with value-added climate control solutions that help them improve the overall quality and yield of their crops, optimize energy and water efficiency. , and to meet evolving state and local codes, approvals and regulatory requirements. . Although many of our customers do, we do not produce or sell cannabis.

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