Renewable energy has reached a positive tipping point, says solar entrepreneur Abe Issa

There is no doubt that the era of solar power has arrived, said former EnviroSolar CEO Abe Issa. Advances in energy storage will make the difference.

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2021 / – Scientists have been warning us for decades that keeping the global temperature rise below 2 ° C by 2050 is critically important for the future health of life on earth. Billions of dollars are spent in the pursuit of energy efficiency in transportation, heating, cooling and manufacturing processes. Billions of dollars will be spent on new methods of wind, wave and solar power generation now that storage devices have caught up with alternative power generation.

Experts in the field like Abe Issa have implemented renewable energies in homes and small industries for decades. Issa’s previous EnviroSolar company, for example, has equipped thousands of homes in solar-rich, AC-dependent states since 2010. The limitation on solar power, of course, has always been that the sun cannot. not shine at night. Batteries are essential for storing energy during times when the sun is not shining, the wind is not blowing and the tide is out of the wave power installation. But Abe Issa thinks the trend towards renewables is over a positive tipping point thanks to technological advances in three storage technologies:

Batteries. Tesla has made tremendous strides in home energy storage. Powerwall and Powerpack stationary energy storage products based on lithium-ion technology are designed to store solar energy for home consumption. But they also make it possible to move the load, which reduces the overall energy requirements of the electrical network and the back-up power supply. Issa believes that advances in battery technology will make power generation truly local and encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is no longer just for Iceland, says Issa. Iceland generates much of its powers with thermal energy released by its hot springs and geysers. But Issa points out that the same type of power generation is possible wherever there is a temperature gradient, and that temperatures just four to six feet below ground level are constant year round, cooler than the surface in summer and warmer than the surface in winter. Homeowners can harness this temperature gradient to cool and heat their homes, Issa says. Then large companies can create their own “geysers” to store the energy produced from wind and solar.

Hydrogen. Issa believes that the smartest technology of all the new alternative energy sources is the generation, storage and use of hydrogen for fuel. Hydrogen burns to form water, not carbon dioxide. There is not pollution. There is no addition to global warming. Sunlight, wind, and other renewable energy sources can be used to “break down” water into its constituents, hydrogen and oxygen. Then, the stored hydrogen can be burned to power vehicles and run generators without CO2 emissions. Little Iceland is leading the way in this technology, but China and the United States will soon follow suit, Issa says.

Who is Abe Issa?

Abe Issa became an inspired entrepreneur as a child years in war-torn Lebanon. In search of a better life in the United States, Issa received a finance degree from Texas Christian University and redeveloped 500 real estate projects in the DFW metropolitan area and South Texas.

Issa became CEO of several organizations, one of which was previously EnviroSolar, where he introduced thousands of homeowners to solar power generation. Currently, Issa is an advocate for the adoption of new energy storage devices that could achieve climate goals.

Energy storage is a benefit for the whole world, says Issa. New methods of energy storage can help save lives on the planet as we know it, while creating millions of new jobs and saving consumers billions of dollars.

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