Air conditioner repairs in high demand

As temperatures continue to rise in our area, air conditioning repair mechanics are extremely busy trying to keep people cool.

OLYPHANT, PA – It’s the first day in over 85 degrees this summer that Frank Armbruster’s phone doesn’t ring.

Armbruster is the owner of J&F Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Service at Olyphant.

He says the hot weather is forcing people to call for air conditioning repairs.

“The first heat wave is the absolute worst because most people procrastinate and they wait until that first hot day and everyone turns on their systems at the same time. So there are so many people it gets a little bit overwhelming, ”said Frank Armbruster.

So much so that Armbruster has already received more than 200 calls for maintenance of air conditioners since the beginning of the summer.

“We have seen a tremendous amount of breakdowns on the air conditioning systems,” Armbruster said. “There are a lot of older stock systems in our area. And a lot of people don’t do their due diligence and do the necessary maintenance that can be done on their own, shortening the life and causing mechanical problems with the equipment. “

While every home and system is different, Armbruster says there are a few things you can do to make sure yours is working properly.

Check your indoor air filtration to make sure your filters are clean. Armbruster says reverse ductless systems like this will have two filters that you can clean them by running water over them.

As for your outdoor unit, you will want to check the coils to see if they need cleaning. They can be hard to find or towards the back of the device.

Armbruster says the biggest tip for homeowners, don’t wait until it gets hot to turn on your air conditioner. Do this before to make sure it is working properly.

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