Toray opens technical center for resins in Europe

The Japanese Toray opens the doors of its resin technical center in its Automotive Center Europe (AMCEU) near Munich. The new facility will support Toray Resins Europe GmbH, which markets and sells high performance resin compounds.

The main mission is to support the development of customer applications by providing rapid technical data, helping to optimize the design of parts through CAE simulation and innovative analyzes and evaluations of materials and defects. With this facility, Toray will tackle the rapidly expanding adoption of digital design for resin products by strengthening the long-term durability data and precise mechanical property data that materials require. It will increase the advanced simulation capabilities of fiber-reinforced parts, especially to take into account their unique anisotropy, the company said.

The Resins Technical Center will offer materials with high tracking performance and thermal cycling resistance and provide supporting crack prevention analysis. This is to solve such problems as thermal cycling cracking during cooling and heating of resin molded products for insulation of high voltage parts with metal inserts. This problem has increased with the emergence of electric vehicles.

In the automotive sector, the center will collaborate with automotive customers in concert with AMCEU, whose molding, analysis and evaluation capabilities take full advantage of Toray’s advanced materials. These include carbon fiber fibers, films, resins and composites. Toray will thus be able to strengthen technical solutions that meet European needs by offering construction techniques and structural design characteristics adapted to its materials and by engaging in joint development with European automobile and equipment manufacturers.

The European automotive sector is accelerating the transfer of development resources to electric vehicles and automated driving technologies in a context of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, in particular to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through better energy efficiency. Demand for high performance resins is expected to continue to grow in an expanding market for power supply control and communication related components. The demand for high performance resins meeting thermal, electrical and chemical resistance requirements is also growing in industrial applications, particularly for electrical and electronic equipment and housing parts.

The Resins Technical Center will enable Toray to quickly identify local needs and formulate solutions to improve customer satisfaction in Europe and accelerate the global expansion of its plastics business, particularly in automotive applications.

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