Heat pumps cause increased energy consumption during June heatwave Yle Uutiset

An aerothermal heat pump is being installed in Juha Nauha’s house in the town of Vantaa.

Image: Jyrki Ojala

The increased use of home cooling units in Finland at least partially caused an increase in electricity consumption during the recent heat wave, according to national grid operator Fingrid.

“When it’s very hot, like it was this week, the electricity consumption goes up. Normally the electricity consumption goes down as it gets hotter, but with such intense heat it started. to increase, “said the head of the Fingrid unit. Jonne Jäppinen mentionned.

Electricity consumption begins to rise when temperatures rise above 22 degrees Celsius and increases as it gets warmer, Jäppinen explained.

“Electricity consumption varies a lot depending on the time of day, whether it’s summer or winter, but there is an additional charge of three percentage points when temperatures approach 30 degrees,” he said. -he declares.

Part of the reason, Jäppinen says, is that air source heat pumps are increasingly installed and used in households across the country.

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Lämpöpumppuasennus Vantaa

The worker installs the indoor unit of the air source heat pump.

Image: Jyrki Ojala

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) can be used to cool or heat indoor spaces more efficiently than traditional air conditioning systems or furnaces, but are generally more efficient for heating.

The units cool the air by moving heat from inside a house to the outside, rather than pumping out the cool air generated, as air conditioners do.

Around 800,000 ASHP units have been installed in households in Finland, and their number continues to grow at a rate of around 80,000 per year. There are also models made exclusively for cooling purposes, which are purchased at a rate of around 5,000 units per year.

Cooling units are increasingly popular, according to Pekka Malkki, from the installation company ASHP Vantaan ilmalämpö.

“Nowadays, many pumps are installed in multi-storey and terraced houses, which are only cooling units. [Those homes] generally operate with district heating and do not require additional heating. Now in hot weather the focus is almost exclusively on installing cooling equipment, and they are being installed in homes across Finland as quickly as installers can, ”explained Malkki.

However, compared to warmer climates, Finland’s energy requirements for cooling are relatively low. Cooling costs per household in the country are around one euro per day with temperatures above 25 degrees.

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