ICS offers a process cooling exchange scheme

UK: ICS Cool Energy, a chiller rental and sales company, offers customers the latest, most efficient process cooling technology as part of a flexible and improved long-term trade-in program.

With its new FLEX membership, the Hampshire-based company provides its customers with access to what it describes as “the latest process heating and cooling equipment with the flexibility of an operating expense”. He further states that customers will be able to transform their process temperature control system from a fixed asset into a dynamic solution that will be up to date with their evolving business and process needs.

The FLEX membership package includes a complete process temperature control solution, including equipment, 24/7 preventive and emergency maintenance, replacements and upgrades. The elements of the all-inclusive monthly FLEX membership contract are expected to be tailored to the needs of the process and based on a detailed assessment by ICS Cool Energy engineers.

ICS says customers will receive the right temperature control solutions for their process needs with the flexibility to adapt their capacity as seasonal and operational demands change.

“We believe the FLEX Membership subscription business model will be a game-changer in the way manufacturers approach their cooling and process heating needs, said Dave Palmer, managing director of ICS Cool Energy for the UK. United and Ireland. “With FLEX Membership, our customers get tailor-made systems installed in their processes – with no upfront cost or capital investment. They only pay for the temperature control they need, when they need it. Unlike traditional long-term rental, they have the flexibility to swap and upgrade equipment as their needs change or technology improves. On top of that, the peace of mind of full maintenance and contingency plans – there is no other offering like this on the market, ”he added.

ICS argues that by purchasing FLEX, manufacturers can view their cooling and heating systems as an operating expense rather than a capital investment and gain the flexibility to pay only for what they use.

The subscription includes variable rates for equipment in service, standby and off-site, and the option of remote monitoring. The term of the membership can last up to nine years with complete replacement of new equipment for old ones upon renewal of the contract.

“Technology, industry standards and regulations are changing faster than the typical lifespan of a cooling or heating unit. Membership in FLEX will give those responsible for processes, operations and facilities the peace of mind that their investment will not be obsolete and in line with the latest innovations in the market, ”said Dave Palmer.

ICS Cool Energy

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