Camfil and Sinopharm form strategic cooperation in air filtration

Strategic cooperation has been formed between Camfil and Sinopharm, China, to improve air filtration standards in the biopharmaceutical industry

Camfil, specialist in air filtration equipment and clean air solutions, and Sinopharm GEPTECK, have announced the joint launch of high efficiency digital air supply units.

Sinopharm is the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare group under the State Council of State’s Commission for Supervision and Administration of State-owned Assets (SASAC) in China, with the main business of pharmaceutical distribution, research science and the manufacture of medical and biotechnology products.

The initiative will target the application limits of traditional air supply units and set new milestones in clean air conditioning system in the biomedical industry.

The partnership

Over the past few years, Sinopharm GEPTECK has set up a development path oriented R & D and made “conformity and energy saving of clean air conditioning” its key research axis. She discovered flaws and deficiencies in the operation of ventilation systems and expected to develop a patented “high efficiency digital air supply unit”.

After extensive communication and market analysis, the two sides have reached strategic cooperation and successfully developed high-efficiency digital air supply units. High efficiency digital air supply unit is applicable in high risk products with stringent cleanliness requirements in cell therapy such as vaccines, biologics, sterile preparations, sterile APIs, blood products, CAR-T, etc.

It can realize real-time air volume monitoring and rapid response adjustment, realize in-line air volume balance and pressure difference control, reduce the risk of compliance, and solve the difference of insoluble pressure in industry. It can realize precise air supply, reduce energy waste every day, shorten debugging time, and perform preventive maintenance by trend analysis, which really saves energy and intelligence.

Michel Moulin, Managing Director of Camfil Group China, said: “We are honored to enter into a strategic partnership with Sinopharm GEPTECK. Camfil has a long history of success in the life sciences, in particular in the pharmaceutical sector. And our products are widely used by world famous pharmaceutical companies. “

“We have made a total effort to facilitate the production of vaccine manufacturers to protect the health of people in the fight against COVID-19,” Moulin added. “We hope to harness the advantages of both sides and jointly promote the technological development of high-efficiency air units in the pharmaceutical industry, and help pharmaceutical companies operate more safely and efficiently while saving more energy. . “

Wang Yunbao, General Manager of Sinopharm GEPTECK, pointed out, “The patented high-efficiency digital air supply unit independently developed by Sinopharm CEPTECK for five years has overthrown its traditional counterparts and achieved digital air volume control. and cleanliness through the air outlet with the advanced digital control system. “

The strategic partnership between Sinopharm GEPTECK and Camfil Group China will provide opportunities for both parties and make full use of their joint technology advantages, product advantages, market advantages and platform advantages. Together, they will adhere to a win-win cooperation, take advantage of their respective advantages and conduct comprehensive cooperation, further helping to boost the progress of the biomedical industry.

China as a market

With the introduction of the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Biomedical Industry” and relevant supporting policies, the Chinese biomedical industry will usher in a “golden decade”. In recent years, the state has intensified its support for biotechnology innovation and the development of the biological industry, which has maintained the growing momentum of China’s biopharmaceutical industry; as such, it will see a growing pharmaceutical market in the future.

In addition, the COVID-19 outbreak has boosted demand for vaccines and other products, which will further expand the market for China’s biopharmaceutical industry.

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