Thermal management for Mass Spec LC / GC Labmate Online

Do you need greater thermal management options to properly maintain your samples throughout the workflow process? Do you need the temperature that best suits your particular sample preparation needs? MéCour offers design-specific thermal solutions for virtually all available “standard” options that integrate with CTC PAL instruments, including hotels, tubes, vials, plates and valves. Create a thermal management system that fully integrates with your existing or future PAL system. The operating temperature range is -80 ° C to + 250 ° with a constant tolerance of +/- 0.1 ° C with highly reproducible results for any MéCour products you choose to support your application.

The thermal hotels provide between 4 and 6 thermal nests contained in this unit for short or long term incubation or storage needs. The hotel will accommodate plates, bottles and small tubes.

A wide range of thermal units can accommodate vials, tubes, plates, etc., or additional MéCour units control the temperature of the samples for the valves and tubes. Each of these units will integrate with the PAL cross rail or can be designed to stand alone for tabletop work.

All MéCour thermal units provide both heating and cooling within the same unit. Simply adjust or pre-program the system to produce the temperatures you demand from the workflow without changing a thing. If you need to maintain samples below 4 ° C down to -80 ° C, MéCour integrates the MDAS unit to provide a constant blanket of dry air inside the thermal unit to control and eliminate the condensation.

Contact MéCour to discuss how we can improve your end results through reliable and constant thermal controls that will maintain and manage your samples and your workflow process according to your specifications. Eliminate the problems you face due to erratic and unreliable end results that wastes valuable products and labor time.

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