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LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 24, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – Carbon monoxide monitoring for homeland safety has never been more important as schools, restaurants and workplaces begin to reopen. For the past 15 months, Forensics Detectors has been dedicated to offering carbon dioxide monitoring products for COVID-19 preparedness planning. These detectors are specially designed for indoor spaces such as classrooms, gymnasiums and offices.

They have adjustable alarm settings to allow users to comply with the CO2 monitoring requirements of California Assembly Bill AB 841, which requires monitoring of indoor air quality at CO2 to reduce transmission of COVID-19 and risk of infection.

For many years, carbon dioxide measurements have been used to better understand airflow and mixing in interior structures, which helps guide the design of cooling, heating and ventilation systems. High levels of CO2 indoors are linked to poor health and a lack of fresh air entering an indoor space. Numerous studies have shown links between high levels of CO2 and a high concentration of airborne bacteria and viruses. Variables such as air change rates and exposure times correlate with and the likelihood of respiratory infections. Therefore, CO2 monitoring acts as a valid proxy. People exhale CO2 when they breathe. CO2 gas builds up, especially when an indoor space is not well ventilated, allowing CO2 levels to rise well above outdoor reference levels.

Some have gone further by imposing indoor CO2 monitoring. For example, the California Assembly Bill AB 841 requires classrooms to monitor CO2 and issue an alert when carbon dioxide levels in the classroom have exceeded 1,100 ppm. To help, Forensics Detectors were one of the first companies to pivot and offer consumers a variety of CO2 monitors that match the bill. Today, Forensics Detectors is launching its JUMBO version, which allows indoor occupants to see CO2 levels from a distance, aiding the visually impaired and providing better visibility, especially in large indoor public spaces to help build confidence. customers and ensure good public safety.

“Monitoring carbon dioxide means additional security, which we have taken for granted over the years, and only now with COVID-19 that we realize the importance of monitoring CO2 to help prevent transmission of airborne pathogens, ”Dr. Koz, founder and chief engineer, Forensics Detectors, said. “CO2 is exhaled with aerosols containing pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 from people infected with COVID-19 and can be used as an indicator of virus concentrations in indoor air, as recently discovered by great researchers.

The new JUMBO Carbon Dioxide Monitor uses a generic USB cable for power and battery charging. This version is ideal for large spaces or rooms such as classrooms, buses, churches, indoor public spaces such as libraries and public administration offices.

For more information on carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors for forensic detectors, visit: https://www.forensicsdetectors.com/products/jumbo-co2-monitor


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