Big victory for ACITA in Fight for Travel Advisors

The hard work of ACTIA (Canadian Association of Independent Travel Consultants) on behalf of travel counselors paid off yesterday in the House of Commons.

Opposition members on Tuesday introduced a motion titled “Measures to Support Canadian Worker Tourism and Airline Loans” and it passed on Wednesday. The final vote was 183 for and 159 against.


“Our voices are being heard and we couldn’t be prouder of our team,” said Brenda Slater, ACITA Co-Founder.

Nine MPs referred to independent travel advisers in their comments during the discussion and debate that followed.

Brenda Slater, ACITA co-founder

“After nearly 8 months of meetings, carrying our fight on all sides of the House of Commons, we could not be happier that MPs across the country have taken note of our fight,” Slater said.

“They have joined us in seeking sector specific assistance, to ensure that we are eligible for federal grant / loan programs in the future, and to help ensure that our earned commissions will be protected.”

The motion calls on the Liberal government to table a federal budget that includes specific support for the hardest hit sectors of the economy, namely tourism, hospitality, airlines, the charitable sector and, more broadly, small businesses. businesses across the country.

“We all know the pandemic has devastated our economy, but there is great convergence on what needs to be done,” Slater said.

“We all agree that the vaccination must take place. Then we need to reopen our economy, get people back to work and help get struggling Canadian businesses back on their feet. Next, we need a plan to manage the long-term financial challenge that Canadians will face.

MP Barsalou-Duval (who does not appear in the video) said: “Beyond airline ticket reimbursements, we have our own set of conditions to help airlines, including some that are in the Conservative motion to introduce restrictions on executive compensation, ban dividend payouts or share buybacks, ban outsourcing and layoffs, maintain contracts with local businesses and workers. We need to stop laying people off here at home and sending our jobs overseas. We also need to stop the recall of travel agent commissions. . We think these are basic conditions. “

Slater invites independent advisers as well as agency owners and staff to get in touch, to join calls for MPs to see “how we are fighting for ALL of us and our beloved industry.”

“The Prime Minister promised that no one would be left behind in the process. “

Full video can be found here.

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